Unordered List

"I can be your best friend but never your worst enemy because why bother making enemies when you can ditch them off, go on with what you do best and have an amazing life..."

More of Me

I was born when Author Samuel Clemens turned 146 and Winston Churchill turned 107, thus my folks gave me that "beautiful" name. 1/2 Tagalog and 1/2 Kapampangan (though I never learned how to speak nor understand kapampangan, hehehe!).

Sometime, I feel like I am the avatar of perfect labyrinth.
They say I'm the nicest so I guess I'm nice.
I can be your friend but never your worst enemy because why bother making enemies when you can just ditch them and go on with what you do best having a life.
Don't think I'm a snob.
I'm just secluding myself to some people who have a deteriorating brain and the like.
But I'm actually friendly and do crazy stuffs.
Someone once told me that I'm smart and cool and witty, but I don't I don't believe him.
I am not a hopeless romantic type and sometimes, I have this "distorted out view" when it comes to romance.
I already wrote 2 short stories. Both of them have a not-so-happy ending.

I love Chiz Escudero.
I'm Spoiled.
I'm Stubborn.
I love challenges.
I strongly believe in Karma.
I don't let other people control over my decisions.
I love keeping up with this fast-paced world.
I spread cheer wherever I go.
I dislike hypocrisy and tend to be away from hypocrites.
During my pen 'n paper days, I was a writer, a dancer, a cheerleader, an actress, a debater, a student leader, a speaker, and a Dean's Lister rolled into one. But I wasn't a perfect student. I had flaws and imperfections. In fact, I once called into principal's office when I was in grade school because I punched the boy who's courting me, 1day suspension in secondary by the Guidance Counselor because they caught me reading 17magazine while I was on my Filipino Class, and debated with professor in college because of the unjustifiable field trip fare. All were closed case.
I copy assignments of my colleagues and let them copy my answers as well.
I almost flanked out my Physics 202, but when my favorite topic Einstein's Theory of Relativity was discussed, I survived.

I love making blogs and reading other's blogs.
I love the world of Arts, Photography and Dancing.
I don't play outdoor sports.
I don't smoke.
I am an occasional drinker. I hate beers.
I love Jose Cuervo Tequila.
I admire Vincent Van Gogh.
I make my own rules.
I can jive with you if you're strong enough to fight but not to the extent that you're ruining others lives.
I don't play Ragnarok and DOTA.
I play Tekken and Bleach on my PSP (Christie and Lily are my greatest players) and Roller coaster Tycoon on my laptop.
I love giving names to my stuffs.
I love puzzles.
I am good in dancing but I am not a good dancer... twisted?! :)

I love kids.
I love beaches, sunsets and stars.
I'm a crammer.
I work hard.
I fight.
I laugh.
I forgive.

I wait.
I'm tidy.
I'm moody.
I love serenity
I hurry.
I'm experimental.
I'm married but;
I'm still a kiddo.