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Monday, 24 February 2014

FASHION: Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition 2014

Opens on:
24 Feb (Media Trade Professionals and VIP)
25 Feb - 2 Mar (Public)

Opening Hours:
25-28 Feb from noon to 10 pm
1 Mar from 4 pm to 10 pm
2-3 Mar from noon to 10 pm

Entrance Fee:
00.00 QAR

Qatar National Convention Center
Doha, Qatar

When we think of cheap Golds and Jewelries, we think Middle East right away. Why? Middle East countries are tax free countries. But it is actually just one of the reasons. Apparently, gold price is the same worldwide, but the reason why that much of jewelries here are so cheap, is the lower labor costs, To produce jewelries in India, Pakistan and China is much much lower than in Europe and USA. The salary of sales persons are extremely cheaper than I the west.

But of course, if you want to buy “extremely” cheap jewelries, buy them in a regular jewelry shops. Make sure that you ask for diamond certificate, since I know some colleagues who bought jewelries with diamond as their wedding rings, unfortunately, the shop refused to give diamond certificate. “Mababang klase lang nman yung diamond sa singsing, kaya hindi na kami magpoprovide ng cert.” nope, that’s not right. As long as the diamond is in your jewelry, certificate should be provided by the jeweler.

Kaya nman this year, Qatar organized and event called “Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition 2014” 

The Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition is an unprecedented artisan exhibition of the world’s most luxurious jewelry and watches.  Held annually in Qatar it attracts world renown jewelers, watch makers and exhibitors and jewelry enthusiasts. The aims of the exhibition are to demonstrate the latest trends in the industry today; showcase the most magnificent gemstones and sophisticated timepieces in the world; portray the dynamism of Qatar and its strong and progressive economy; and ultimately to encourage foreign investors to Qatar.

The 10th Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition will cover nearly 15,000 square metres and is expecting to welcome up to 50,000 visitors, as 26 exhibitors with more than 500 jewellery and watch brands have already signed up for the high-profile event.

This reflects an increase of 15% more than last year’s participation, when the exhibition attracted more than 30,000 visitors including those from neighbouring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE.

This year and in addition to the regular local and regional exhibitors, some of the world’s most famous international brands joined like Christie’s from London and Matis Jewellery, who are aiming to establish a foothold in the jewellery industry in Qatar. Qatar Tourism Authority, q.Media events and Fira de Barcelona, an agency specialising in the conduct of expos of this magnitude, are coming together for the first time for the exhibition. (

Saturday, 15 February 2014

EVENT: 14-02-14 Lalab Day

Yesterday was a special day to everyone, especially to those who has special someone in their lives. Presence of the famous kilig factor is so everywhere knowing that they will get something sweet on that day.

Okay, xempre hindi nman ako papayag na mahuli, arte ko ba naman na ito hehahe. But actually, Pardz loves to give surprises. Thursday evening, when I told him to go to church on Friday instead on Thursday. So he said OK. So after office I went home. Pagdating ko, I was surprised kasi I’ve got flowers!!! Sobrang natuwa ako kasi I really asked for blue flowers. Sabi ko nga sa kanya lagi, flowers lang happy na ako.. =)

But It didn’t stop there. Last year kasi, he gave me necklace with turquoise pendant, akala nya, turquoise ang November birthstone, so we laughed it out na lang. Then again, he asked me “Nasan ba yung kwintas mong bigay ko?” So I showed it to him. Suddenly, he said “eto o, binilhan kita ng katerno ng necklace.” Earrings!! At blue again hahaha! Blue turqiouse with diamonds in it. I love my husband talaga. Then we had pizza movie night.

So I was feeling rattled na kasi I haven’t  bought any gift for him. Although we got his new Iphone 5S (at champagne gold tlga ang choice nya hehehe), it was like a Birthday gift slash Vday gift na din. But still, I want to give him something pa.

Applebees, Villaggio Mall
So Friday morning, My amo was making basag trip, lolz! He asked me and one of my colleagues to work half day. Kahit na I felt irritated, I have no choice din nman. So I was in the office from 8-1PM. Afterwards I went straight to the church to attend our CLP for Couple for Christ. At 4 in the afternoon, we left the venue and we headed straight to Villaggio Mall. We watched Robocop (movie review HERE) and then dinner at Applebee’s TGIF sana kaya lang, baka Feb 15 na, andun pa din kami kasi ang haba ng queue hehehe…

After dinner, he actually requested for a gym bag, so I bought him black Nike since he wants to attend gym and badminton clinic. Then I told him “Pardz hiwalay muna tayo ha, ikot ka, ako din mag iikot”, so ayun kinarir ko na ang paghanap ng watch, and I ended up with Skagen Titanium Watch. Okay na =) But then I saw this bracelet from one kiosk and reminded me of his lost bracelet, just the same as the one on display. Without any 2nd thoughts, binili ko na yung bracelet. Kasi I know he will like it more, maybe more than the wrist watch hahaha!
And  that is how we celebrated our Heart’s Day. No extravagant hotel bookings, or fancy dinner in an expensive restaurant.  Just a simple dinner, an action sci-fi film, and TRUE LOVE between me and my husband. For me, that is more than enough…<3

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

FASHION: LV - (L)et's (V)isit the Real One

Admit it girls, don't deny it, LOUIS VUITTON is part of every woman's dreams.

According to wikipedia: 
Louis Vuitton Malletier, commonly referred to as Louis Vuitton (/ˈl vwˈtɒn/; French: [lwi vɥiˈtɔ̃]), or shortened to LV, is a French fashion house founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. The label's LV monogram appears on most of its products, ranging from luxury trunks and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, and books. Louis Vuitton is one of the world's leading international fashion houses; it sells its products through standalone boutiques, lease departments in high-end department stores, and through the e-commerce section of its website.

For six consecutive years (2006–2012) Louis Vuitton has been named the world's most valuable luxury brand. Its 2012 valuation was 25.9 billion USD, and that is why Louis Vuitton is considered to be the most one of the most counterfeited brands in the fashion world due to its image as a status symbol.

These days, you will notice that luxury handbag retailers are everywhere - ebay, facebook, small boutiques, instagram, and even personal blogs. Not to mention some consignment shops by several celebrities and personalities as well as the rich folks who only wear and use their expensive bags once or twice.

And so, how to spot a FAKE Louis Vuitton??

Honestly, I am not an expert in spotting fake one until I bought my own Louis Vuitton Bags (see HERE), and that is the same reason why I always buy at Louis Vuitton Boutique in Villaggio Mall, for I won't have any doubts if they are real or not.

According to Louis Vuitton which contacted Wondermika, “Louis Vuitton pieces are only guaranteed to be authentic if they’re purchased directly from Louis Vuitton”. Click here to shop at Louis Vuitton directly.

But if you’re still browsing elsewhere, here’s how to spot a fake at a quick glance:

Special thanks to WONDERMIKA for this very valued information..

When you do buy Louis Vuitton from a boutique it will come with tags- but they are never attached to the bag. Real Louis Vuitton bags do not have “Authenticity Cards.”  Tags will usually come with the receipt, or tucked on the inside. (Image: Rachel’s Desk)

Look closely at the pattern. A company like Louis Vuitton, which values its logo, wouldn’t divide the letters in a seam or under a handle.

Fake Louis Vuitton bags emboss the trademark symbol while authentic ones use hot stamping. Authentic trademark symbols are evenly stamped while fake ones are uneven and use a different font. Observe how the counterfeit tag is roughly stitched on while the authentic tag has straight stitching with a slight angle. In any stamped branding, the “t”s will not touch. “O”‘s should be round and not like the number 0. Additionally, check the imprint on the inside of the bag. The “O” in a real Louis Vuitton will be an exact circle. The O on a fake Louis Vuitton may be closer to an oval.

Above is a comparison of the interior of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy bag.

You are looking at a fake Louis Vuitton if any of its camel-colored handles are not painted red at the seams. But even if it is painted, the paint should also be neat and not messy. Unlike this fake Louis Vuitton bag above, which uses some kind of brown glue/rubber.

Messy paint is a dead giveaway. The bag above is fake. Louis Vuitton would never sell something like this. (Image:

If you really need to buy outside the boutique, visit the store and look at the actual bag model you intend to buy. Observe where there should be stitching and where the leather or fabric should continue. In this case, the bag above (in red marks) is fake. You can also spot the monogram clash. The Louis Vuitton logo should not break at any seam or cut.

Upside down Louis Vuitton monograms on the other side of the bag tells you that this bag was made from one solid piece of canvas. Louis Vuitton materials  do not get cut off except in vintage pieces. If you are purchasing a new piece then no Louis Vuitton material should be cut off but if it’s vintage then check other signs of authenticity.(Source)

Check if the zippers are not stamped with the Vuitton logo or insignia. Real Louis Vuitton zipper pulls are engraved lightly on the brass with rounder logo font (see above pic).

Even if zipper pull is engraved, doesn’t mean the bag is authentic. Letters on the zipper pull of this fake bag (above) are smaller and in the wrong font. The stamping is also too deep and not ‘clean’. The words Louis Vuitton also did not form a circle as it should. (Image:


As seen above, the double bubble seam, and the logo being all kinds of cut off flipped and introverted is a dead giveaway.  The Louis Vuitton monograms on a real bag will always line up horizontally and vertically, and they will never overlap with the zipper. The pattern will never repeat at an angle.

And there you have it. So if you are planning to buy an LV bag on some small establishment or a P2P (person to person), make sure to check the some of these things before you pay, for you might pay for the price of a real one but getting a fake Louis Vuitton. Or, if you don't have enough budget to purchase luxurious bags, don't try looking for an imitation. Remember, "Real things will always give you confidence, and will always make you feel confident."

Xoxo <3

Monday, 10 February 2014

EVENT: Side A and Nina in Qatar

SIDE A and NINA : Live in Qatar!
March 7, 2014 7:00pm...

Al Gharaffa Sports Club

Ticket Prices:
VIP (Meet & Greet) - QR 200
Platinum (autograph signing for CDs purchased) - QR 150
General Admission - QR 75

PROMO: Valentine's Day at Fraser Suites

Click HERE for the Voucher:

A welcome addition to the fast-changing capital of Qatar, Fraser Suites Doha is a striking new landmark on the splendid waterfront Doha Corniche promenade. With panoramic views over the Arabian Sea, comprehensive business facilities, a restaurant, café and rooftop pool and spa, this deluxe Doha hotel is the accommodation of choice for discerning guests, whether you are traveling to Qatar for business or pleasure, for a short trip or an extended stay.

Fraser Suites Doha has the perfect location on Doha Corniche, a magnificent waterfront cluster of towering skyscrapers and glittering coastline. Conveniently situated a five-minute drive away from the business district of West Bay, this deluxe serviced Doha hotel apartment is close to major corporate and government offices and within walking distance of the Museum of Islamic Art and lively Souq Waqif with its restaurants and cafés. Located close to local amenities and shopping malls, this luxury Doha hotel has 138 serviced apartments over 14 floors, ranging from comfortable studios to spacious three-bedroom suites. All boast contemporary Italian interior design, state-of-the-art technology and stunning views over the Arabian Sea and Qatar’s sparkling capital city. Facilities rival those of the best hotels in Doha: a rooftop swimming pool with poolside bar, sauna, fully-equipped gym, restaurant and café, penthouse meeting room with panoramic views, executive club lounge, shuttle bus, children’s wading pool and kids club, and if there’s anything else you desire, the 24-hour reception staff and concierge at this gold-standard apartment hotel in Doha will be delighted to take care of it for you.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

THOUGHTS: Raiza Mae and Ana Joy

"Sa bawat isang plastik sa mundo, may dalawang totoo na dadating sa buhay mo..."

~Halley Halaman~

Ayan, nilagay ko yung magandang picture mo, courtesy of Sir Wil :D

Ana Joy, Ann Joy, Ana Joy...

Okay lang "bespren" (harhar!), kahit na ilang buwan lang tayong nagkasama, I know isa ka sa napaka kaunting totoong taong nakilala at nakasama ko sa SOJV. Kahit na tamad ka (totoo naman diba bespren, hahahah!) at kain ng kain (na nahawa ako sayo, laging busog lusog!), at least hindi plastik. (hoy babae, wag mong sisirain ang paniniwala kong yun!)

Wag kang mag aalala saken dahil tatandaan ko ang lagi mong sinasabi "Wag patulan ang mga taong madali lang makalimutan, tomooooh!. Pero ikaw mag iingat ka din jan, umiwas ka sa mga tao o bagay na magdadala sayo ng negative energies, dahil hindi magtatagal, ichichismis ka din nyan lolz!  Sabi nga sa peysbuk "Ang taong chismosa, Inggetera". 

Hanapin mo ang mga taong masarap kasama at may sense kausap, mga taong kapag nagtanong ka ng maayos makakakuha ka ng sagot na maayos. Find someone and be with someone who will help you adjust to your new sorrounding, and not those people who are always finding wrong in everything. Remember, Nagpunta ka jan para kumita hindi para mamuhay ng walang kwenta.

You are a good person, It's sad to know that I met you, knew you, and discovered the real you in a very limited time. (wag kang iiyak, kundi hahampasin kita ng Havaianas kong size 5!). I know God has a reason, para mamiss mo din daw ako hahahah! At first, I was also one of those people thinking that you are boring (hoyst sinabi ko sayo yan, impernes!), but you made me realized that you are just being true, regardless of what others are telling behind you. (wow, may napulot ako sayo, imagine that, hahaha!). Eto ka eh - "Eh ano, kung ganito ako sa paningin nila, wala naman akong panahon para isipin pa sila." Now I understand this more, "We are born to be true, and not to be perfect." (Seryoso ang peg ng paragraph nato, parang gusto kong idelete, nakakasuka lolz!)

Wish ko na magkita pa tayo uli, at hindi yun malabo alam mo yan. Pero ang mas mega super duper wish ko, sana magkajowa ka na jan, hindi ka naging successful dito, baka jan ang kapalaran mo. Kapag wala pa din, madami pang bansa na pwede mong lipatan - Syria, Iraq, Libya. Go lang ng go. But make sure na ikaw lang, at sya lang. Kapag meron ka na, wag ka nang hahanap ng iba :D Pero Wag ka ding magmamadali, para hindi ka magkamali. :)

Don't worry aalagaan ko sila Halley (pangalan ng mga halaman na pinamana mo saken, hehehe) Promise, kakausapin ko pa sila at hindi na Mineral Water ang ipandidilig ko!

O sya, mahaba na to, kabisado na kita, ayaw mong magbasa ng mahabang blog, kala mo ha, hehehe. Yngat ka, Hinuhuli jan ang eengot engot sa lansangan. :p Yung Columbiana Cafe sa tuktok ng AUH wag mong kakalimutang puntahan, madaming porenjers dun (bohahaha!)

Hanggang sa muling pagkikita, "bespren" (kowt-ankowt), hahahah!
Muah Muah Tsup Tsup!

~Raiza Mae~

Note: Ana Mae knows the true story behind all these things. In fact, she's also a victim. So I don't care if you find it offensive. This is the way we talk to each other. We don't need to explain everything to you.


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

THOUGHTS: Ang Hustisya sa Showbiz, at ang Showbiz sa Hustisya

High School Ako - Sikat na si Vhong Navarro, pero mas sikat si Spencer Reyes ng Streetboys, Deniece Cornejo, Unknown, Cedric Lee, Hindi pa dumadaan sa kahit saang sulok ng diwa ko.

College Ako - Sikat pa din si Vhong Navarro, si Spencer hindi na maxado, Deniece Cornejo, Unknown, Cedric Lee, Hindi pa dumadaan sa kahit saang sulok ng diwa ko.

Yuppie Ako - waging wagi na si Vhong Navarro, Deniece Cornejo Unknown, Cedric Lee, Nalilink kay Vina Morales

OFW Ako - Award Winning na si Vhong Navarro, Deniece Cornejo umeextra na sa TV, Cedric Lee, hindi lang pala nalink kay Vina, nagkaroon pa sya ng chikiting.

Note: Hindi ko na sinama ang elementary days ko, Universal Motion Dancers pa kasi ang poster na nakadikit sa dingding ng kwarto ko nun...

Vhong, Deniece, Cedric.
Sa loob ng dalawang linggo, ang mga pangalan nila ang nakabalandra sa mga pahayagan, sa TV, sa social media. kahit sa text messages, basta meron kang group o clan, at masipag ka sa pagregister ng unlitext, pwede ka nang makatanggap at makapagpadala ng update tungkol sa kanila. Sa sobrang dami ng nababalita, nababasa, minsan nachichismis, sila sila na din mismong mga nagkakalat ang nagsasabing:

"There are more serious crimes and concerns to talk about in our country, not just about Vhong Navarro."

Hala?! Bangag?!?!?!? Pagkatapos nyong gawing trending ang pambubugbog kay Vhong, na halos lahat ng klase ng hashtag ginamit na, tapos sasabihin nyong wag nang pag usapan??? Saka bakit nyo nasabing mas meron pang dapat pag usapan sa lipunan kesa sa kaso ni Vhong Navarro? Concerned Citizen ang peg?!?! Sa tingin nyo ba hindi seryoso ang Extortion na sinasampa ni Vhong sa grupo nila Cedric? At bilang babae, hindi ba seryosong usapin ang panggagahasa???

Minsan kasi, tayong mga Pilipino, kapag artista na ang kilalang tao ang pinag uusapan, at naging trending, kunwari bigla tayong kakambyo at sasabihing bakit andun ang atensyon ng lahat, eh madami pa naman pwedeng pag usapan? Maypren, seryosong usapin po ang extortion, blackmailing, serious illegal detention, at serious physical injury. Hindi yan smalltime na gawain gaya ng pangungupit ng allowance nyo nung nag aaral pa kayo. Ikaw nga na makagat lang ng lamok at magkamarka sa mala sandpaper mong balat, kulang na lang ipa massacre mo ang buong angkan ng mga lamok sa probinsya nyo, yan pa kayang nangyari kay Vhong na kitang kita sa buong mundo kung ano ang sinapit nya. Kung ikaw nga na kapag gusto mo nang umuwi at makapaglaro ng DOTA at Need for Speed pero ayaw ka pang paalisin ng syota mo dahil gusto pa nya na maglabinglabing kayo naiirita ka na, iyan pa kayang kornerin ka ng 8 katao sa isang condominium na walang kalaban laban???

Tungkol naman sa diumano pinagpipilitan ni Deniece na ginahasa sya ng sikat na aktor, para sa mga babae, napakalalim na usapin po ang rape. HIndi yan simpleng paglalandi at pagdidikit lang ng balat ng tao. Nung isang gabi, nanonood ako ng The Legal Wife. Hindi naman ako fan ni Angel, ni Maja, ni Jerciho, o kahit ni Rio Locsin, nasimulan ko kasi, itutuloy ko na din. Merong isang eksena doon na "hinawakan" ni Jericho aka Adrian ang wetpax ni Angel aka Monica, syempre, nabastos si Monica, tinawag nyang "maniac" si Adrian. But in fact, someone else touched her butt and not Adrian. See what I mean? What if the allegations of Deniece are true? And what is she's just making a story?

I don't take sides dahil unang una, wala naman ako dun. Pangalawa, yung mga nababasa, nakikita, napapanood at napapanood sa paligid natin ay kulang kulang, at kadalasan nahahaluan ng opinyon ng ibang tao. Pangatlo, lakas makashowbiz ng ganitong topic, baka 24/7 na akong maghintay ng update eh hindi na ako makapgsaing sa bahay. But It doesn't mean na wala akong pakiaalam. Siguro nga dahil mga sikat na tao ang nauugnay, pero alisin natin ang bahid kasikatan. Seryoso ito.

Bilang babae, karapatan namin ang kaligtasan dahil nasa ilalim tayong lahat ng Anti Rape Law (1997). Rape is a heinous crime, at kung pipilitin kong buksan ang hippocampus ko sa natutunan ko sa Phili Law nung college, It is a criminal offense and punishable by Life imprisonment.

Pero bilang tao, we should know and understand that extortion, physical injury, and other cases filed by Vhong are severe subjects as well. HIndi basta basta reklamo. Buhay mo at buhay ng mga taong mahal mo ang nakataya. These are not just a showbiz stuffs that anyone can talk and walk away. These is a life threatening matter. And we need justice not just for Vhong but for ourselves as well...