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Thursday, 29 January 2015

FASHION: Hello Yellow!

I will be attending a simple yet chic wedding of one of my closest friends here in Doha a month from now. Ladies are encouraged to wear bright / mustard yellow, and beige shoes. So even if I wanted to keep myself busy with my workload, I can’t help but to think of what am I going to wear on the said event, In short, my outfit is more important than these bunch of workload, hahaha! Seriously though, I just need to be presentable. Simple yet elegant outfit. Of course the bride must be the most beautiful on her wedding and I don’t want to be the center of attraction and be over bonggacious.

Custom made is not an option for me since labor alone will cost you 300QAR, not to mention the headache of repair, unacceptable linings and so on. So to keep up with the latest fashion trend, I started to search and shop online. And here’s what I found. Please help me select which one Am I going to buy:

(NOTE: I don't own any of these pictures...)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

THOUGHTS: Twenty Fourteen and It’s so Amazin’!

2014 is an amazing year for me, my hubby and my family. Although every year is a blessing, last year was level up, as people say. For some, maybe 2014 was just another ordinary year, but for me, 2014 is a year of new beginnings for us.

I just picked one memory for each month to highlight what am I saying. But hey, these are just few of those blessings. These moments are the evidences that God loves us, and so many ways. <3

January – Tada! My mom celebrated her 60th birthday, even though she doesn’t look like one. Daya nga eh, walang wrinkles, walang  arthritis. The only things that she’s complaining is that she is gaining weight. Body conscious si mudra. It’s just a bit sad because my hubby couldn’t attend the celebration since he’s not yet allowed to take vacation leave as he is just new to the company. Nevertheless, he is the only favorite son of my mom. :)

February – of course, it’s a love month, and everyone is looking forward for that day. But what makes it special is that, we celebrated it with other happy couples attending Christian Life Program for Couples for Christ. Happy diba? Really, God is with us, all the time.

March – we received the initial design of our dream house and it so happened that It became the final design as well. Swak agad ang idea ni Arki sa concept na gusto nmin. Modern yet minimalistic, 4 bedrooms, lanai, living room which is separated to the entertainment area and of course, my own walk-in-closet (celebrity lang ang peg). Contract, documents, specifications, and everything were immediately settled. Thank to our Mom and Bunso back home, she helped us secured every document needed for the construction.

April – The much awaited opening of the Hamad International Airport! Whew! After years of waiting, this isit! The fruit of overtime, labor, meetings and endless discussion with the managers, consultants and subcontractors, this is really is it – the most advance Airport in the Middle East.

May – My demi-decade as a Singles for Christ )SFC) member. But of course, I am already “double” (serving in CFC Qatar), but the foundation I have right now, the firm faith I have in my heart, SFC helmed me build them. Ang saya lang! :)

June – my career road begins, this time with Doha Metro. After 8 years of working with Japanese people, whom I really looked up to for being a very intensive, strict but very good in decision making and have a systematic workmanship, I finally got a slot to work with a local / semi govt policy company named Qatar Building Company. Another feather to my hat. Thanks to mu hubby who is very supportive in every decisions I made.

July – 2 years na kami!!! But no fancy celebration.  We just had a simple but nakakabusog na dinner at Ramada Hotel after we visited Holy Rosary Church. No movies, no anything. Just exchange gift, and had a very romantic na chismisan (MEH GANON!!?!). J

August – for the first time in the history of my Qatar Days, I enjoy the Ramadan month, hahaha! When I was still with Sky Oryx, 3Pm is the cut off time but we  need to stay upto 5 in the afternoon (at least) since there are no available transportation. Whether we like it or not, we always have an automatic 2 hrs overtime everyday. But when I transferred to my new company, it’s just WOW! 1:30PM and Im outta here, feels really good, I had so much time for myself, my husbuddy and friends. :)

September – First time I attended FIDIC Seminar sponsored by AIQS> Somehow, every engineer, particulary QS, wants to become a part of AIQS, and RICS of course. So it feels great to upgrade yhe knowledge. The best part part is, I attended the seminar with old friends and colleagues.

October – Reunited with old friends. I miss these people badly. But of course, we have now different lives, work, and companies. But we always manage to meet up once in a while, kahit kape kape lang, at chismisan :D

November – I wanted to highlight my 33rd birthday but then I remembered, this is important month for Pardz since he already got his Qatar Driving license! Yey! Hooray hooray to my magaling and poging poging driver! Thank you lord, for guiding his hands and touching the heart of the sheriff who gave him road test. You deserve a hug Pardz… >_<

December – And yes, excited much, but for my husband, this is the best vacation ever, after our wedding. Kasi, more than 2 years na since he saw the airport, char! 4 luggages, 3 hand carries, 1 40in LED TV box, and we are so good to go!

Thank you so much Lord, you’ve been very good to us last 2014. You never fail to surprise us, and you never fail to make us happy. For now, I could not ask for more, as I have a loving husband, stable job, good health, supportive family, and most of all, I have firm faith in you. <3

EVENT: Year End Party with Pinoy Mafia

I know it’s kinda late for this article to be posted since “1 year” had already passed, lolz! Nevertheless, this event is worth to be shared as this is the first party that I celebrated with a bunch of crazy people of Doha Metro Project – Major Stations. :)

Let’s start with the preparation.

We conducted some very informal meetings, doing brains storming, exchanging wild and funny ideas, until we ended up to have a “whiteflower Year End Party exclusive for Pinoys Only. Then we started to settle everything – venue, time, motif, exchange gift amount, Monito Monita, souvenirs, and finalizing other important details for the event.

And so the party begins.

The Venue
The Décor, Sweets Section and Photowall

The Souvenirs

The Kabayans

The Yummy Food and Dinner Time

Fun Games & Winners
Charade with a Twist
I am Talong Ranger
Donut Buy!
The Raffle Draw
And I won the 2nd Prize :D
The Exchange Gift

Priceless Moments

Special Thanks to the Following:

Creative Team:
Rai Teves, Rylona Macol, Joanne Dollente, Leona Bunao, Krizza Juan

Mistress of Ceremony:
Melanie Bo

Game Masters:
Rai Teves and Erfel Ordoñez

Official Pitikero:
Erwin Bayot

Diamond Sponsors:
Engr. Jerico Alimasag of IESCO for the raffle prizes
Ms. Catherina Poblete for the 3rd, 2nd and Grand Prizes
Engr. Nilo Pineda for the game prizes

Major Sponsors:
Al Rawnaq for the Souvenirs and Prizes
Crystal Palace for the Party Venue
Asian Chef for the Creamed Fish Fillet Menu
Inihaw Republik for the Chicken Barbecue

Co-Sponsors (Xoxal diba, may co-sponsors!)
SOQJV for the Print outs, Gift wrapping papers and Photowall Booth & Props, scotch tape, stapler, staple wire,scissors, A4, A3, glue, and transportation Services

Until Next Year Guys!

We will try to be more prepared and give you more exciting and more fun celebration!!!