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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

FOOD: Three Peppers Restaurant Muntazah

Also known as Tex-Mex, @threepeppersrestaurant is the #HOLYGRAIL in Qatar when it comes to authentic chinese cuisine. With its oriental flavor & aroma in every serving, you will experience their passion in preserving chinese tradition & culture. 

The interior is very welcoming. The atmosphere is cool and the eclectic decor adds brightness to the place. And the good news is, it will only take 10minutes to wait for your order. Good customer service!

For starter, this #SeafoodSoup will not fail you. #shrimp #squid #fish mixed & boiled with fresh veggies is something you should try. A very great starter while waiting.

Truth as it is, you can find Fried Rice on almost every restaurant menu here in Qatar, but Yangzhou Fried Rice from Three Peppers Restaurant is still as authentic as its name. A simple combination of some meat, salt, pepper, shredded egg omelet & fresh veggies (which you can find I think in every food they serve). And for only 25.00 QAR per serving, it’s gonna be a big “burp” for 2 people! Such a steal for every Filipino out there who love to eat rice.

During my “Makati City Girl” days, I can be easily satisfied with 4pcs of Siomai during lunchbreak (A certified kuripot lol!) But with Three Peppers Restaurant, their 8pcs Shao Mai worth 20.00QAR will bring you further. This another authentic Chinese cuisine being actually originated from Mongolia (Wikipedia) usually serve as dim sum snack, but in here, servings are pretty huge contrary to its original bite-size, freshly cooked & less briny. Still juicy in every piece until you realize, yup, they’re gone! So if you are Shao Mai lover, I advise you to order a “no-sharing siomai” (Madamot!)

How about this Fried Mushroom with Spicy Salt, that tastes like pork meat?? This is actually one of Three Peppers’ house-favorites. There are some secret spices mixed in this one that you just can’t say no.  40.00QAR per serving is already a good deal, since you can share it to 3-4 people.

Stir fried Beef with Broccoli - "In a large skillet or wok over medium high heat, stir-fry beef in oil until beef reaches desired doneness; set aside. Stir-fry broccoli and onion in remaining oil for 4-5 minutes. Combine soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger, cornstarch and water until smooth." That’s the common way of preparing it. But serving it with some Chinese message, it’ll be a whole lot different!

Yup you read it right! Since they’re celebrating their 10th anniversary, they’re giving away free food! Just purchase (dine in or take away) for a minimum of 100QAR and enjoy additional food, for FREE!

It's really difficult to describe all the great flavors of everything, and so i ask you to just please visit their branch in:

  • Matar Qadeem, Airport Road
  • Al Muntazah Commercial Building, Hiteen Street, Al Muntazah, Doha

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

FOOD: Build It Burger in Qatar

Craving for some mouthwatering burgers in town? Well Build-It-Burger BiB house them all. Freshly cooked and served, you can literally build your own choice of a perfect burger.

While the ambiance and the background music  fits perfectly, that mural though is to die for! It’s like “Back to the Future” retroesque Diner which I really loved. Just the right amount of everything. #SayNoToStandardBurger

So if you haven’t tried it yet, just get ready and on your way, start thinking what would be your perfect burger for the day and build them at:

Mall of Qatar Food Court 1st Floor
Medina Centrale, The Pearl Doha
Home Delivery
Takeaway Available
Free Parking
Outdoor Seating

Sunday, 14 October 2018

MOVIE: A Star is Born (Film Review)

“For every star to be born, one has to flame out.”

A third remake of “A Star is Born” hit off gulf cinemas last weekend, and while everyone fell in love with Bradley Cooper charm and acting, a fanatic heart of mine deeply fell for Lady Gaga. Yep, you read it right, fangirling here on Stefani Germanotta.

Ally works as waitress who at the same time performs in Drag Bar, was discovered by Jackson “Jack” Maine, country singer who has personal battle with drug addiction and alcohol. Mesmerized by her voice, Jack approached Ally, and spent the night together talking their dreams and some personal matters, including Ally’s  dream of becoming professional singer.

On one of his tours, he invited her to perform, and despite the reluctance, she was persuaded, belting the burning ballad “shallow” which made her an overnight celebrity. Along the way, they begin to form a romantic relationship. [Stop right there, spoiler not allowed]. 

Okay, let’s start with the good side of the film. First, everything is good. Everything is placed where they should be. I’ve seen Bradley Cooper in Hangover, Limitless, American Hustle, and it’s given, he really is an actor ever since. But lady Gaga? She is a total revelation. Though I’ve seen here from the miniseries American horror Story, But in this film, she is like a new person. Lady gaga is so confident to play the role of Ally’s lack of confidence character. She nailed every scene, every line, every song, without overshadowing Copper’s performance. Copper and Gaga complement each other. And after I saw the whole movie, I cannot think of anyone who can perform Ally’s character other than Gaga.

Of course, let’s not forget the supporting characters which completed the story. Noodles’ appearance as Jacks’ childhood friend maybe short, but it served as the turning point of their relationship to another level. Words of wisdom from people you trust really makes a difference. And Bobby the big brother? Yeah Yeah, just the look in his face and you will feel his love and support for Jack. How about the Ally’s father and BFF who are there all through out? Or the performers from the Drag Bar? Or Rez ? All of them made a tremendous impact on the plot serving their purpose. Not just putting those characters in the movie and place them in front of the camera.

How about the bad side?... Usually, I always try to weigh the bad with good, or vice versa. But in this one, Nothing. This is Bradley's another feather in his hat. Directing your own film, scrutinizing your own acting is a quite a job, but Cooper delivered it well in the screen. Spark. Chemistry, harmony, the selection of songs, the places, the direction, the scenes, Charlie the scene stealer, everything is there. Everything fits perfectly. And the last scene singing “together”, is so heart piercing.

I sometimes have a distorted definition on romance. Romantic and drama films always go last on my genre. But “A Star is Born” is an exception. And although Julia Roberts is another bet for Oscars Best Actress for her upcoming film Ben is Back, which I'd love to see as well, but this time, I will definitely place my bet on Lady Gaga’s perfectly natural performance.

Special thanks to @NovoCinemasQatar and @QatarLiving for the overflowing kindness. Another opportunity to SEE it first. #AGreatTimeOut

Sunday, 7 October 2018

MOVIE: Venom (Film Review)

With my Lifemate =)

As everyone waited for the Venom film to released globally, everyone also anticipates how an antihero become a hero in his own movie. And I am one of them of course! Great Appreciation to Vox Cinemas Qatar, Doha Festival City, Empire Movies, and Virgin Megastore Qatar, I was given a chance again to join the premiere night of VENOM.

Complimentary Popcorn and Soda 
The film revolves around Eddie Brock played by Tom Hardy who enjoys his profession as investigative journalist. With turn of events, he lost his job and his fiancé when he ignored the instruction of his boss during his interview with Carlton Drake, the leader of the LIFE Foundation. For months he couldn’t find a permanent job as he is banned from working in journalism, until he is approached by one of LIFE’s scientists, Dr. Dora Skirth, explaining the experiment they are doing with Symbiotes.

Venom made a remarkable debut as the villain in 2007 SpiderMan 3. Each scene with Peter Parker (played by Toby Maguire) left something new to viewers. You can sense the charm, the character of Eddie Brock as an ambitious journalist, and the agility of being an anti-hero who just wanted to take revenge. I admired the scene so much when Spidey used the steel pipes to surround Venom during their fighting scene and created noise so that Venom will lose its bond with Eddie.

But when the anti-hero who became the HERO in his own film, I  did not sense the same spark on it. The “wow factor” cannot be felt on most of the sequence. Tough the movie achieved some of the quirkiness and funny jokes which are actually cute, still those are not enough to carry out the whole film. Eddie’s Chemistry with Venom is way better than his chemistry with his fiancé. While Tom Hardy’s performance in Mad Max Fury and Michelle Williams in Brokeback Mountain brought them outstanding recognitions, I am sure many of the critics will agree that in this film, “they are not meant for each other”. Although, the shallowness of the story line can still be considered since this is the first Venom movie, and a standalone film as there are no other marvel Characters depicted. But knowing Ruben Fleischer, the man behind "Zombieland", he can still do something beyond his limit.

A Family of Movie Goers
Venom Movie is quite good I think. Enjoyable to watch in some ways. But considering that it comes from Marvel Family, good is really not enough.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

FOOD: Brooks Cafe Qatar
Amidst the busy street of Al Matar Qadeem lies a humble Coffee Shop named Brooks Café.

Okay, enough with the fairy tale like intro. But yes, literally it is a humble shop located just the opposite of Tea Time in Matar Qadeem Road. With an approximately 5.0 meter width, Brooks Café maximized their space by having an Instagrammable Mezzanine Floor. You will be actually surprised of their vast selection of food from the set of choices - shawarmas, milkshakes, ice creams, mocktails, burgers & fries, with no coffee at all contrary to its name. Though I’m a bit upset with this fact, as yesterday was “InternationalCofffeeDay”,the disappointment was immediately driven away the moment I saw the menu. Prices are so reasonable not to mention a very nice presentation of your order. It’s wooden milkshake box is so dope! Staffs are also attentive and welcomes you with huge smile.  Define Customer Service. =)

In terms of interior, I do fell in love with the pendant lights since I have a huge fetish with retro-ish, old-ish vintage stuffs. With its right amount of glare and brilliance, it maintains the calm ambiance of the place. Even the choice of wall lamps matches the concept of the café. Stairs although a bit narrow aren’t so steep. The idea of having a high ceiling instead of full enclosure is also a plus for me as the place looks more breathable and refreshing. (okay, now I’m thinking like an Engineer, grr! Hahahaha!)

The only concern I can say is that since Brooks Cafe is situated at one of the busiest places in town, parking can be a bit of a challenge. Also, it is not advisable to stay for a very long time since the shop has a limited space and patrons need space to experience the place as well. Nevertheless, Brooks Café is a good site to chill and indulge, with your peers, officemate or with your lifemate. <3

You can visit their Café at:
Al Matar Qadeem Street (opposite of Tea Time), Old Airport Road, Doha
From 9:00AM – 3:00AM
For Home Deliveries, you can contact them at +974 3146 6733