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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

MOVIE: Aquaman (Film Review)

“A king fights for his nation, but a HERO fights for everyone.” Queen Atlanna

Believe me, I’ve never been a fan of Marvel or DC comics, though I know some of them of course, but I’d rather spend time reading SVH’s & SVU’s (xoxal diba! Lol!) than collecting comic books. But for the past 5 or 6 years, movie theatres are flooded by heroes & heroines, so you have no other choice but to join the Marvel & DC hype. And one of the much-awaited movies of the year has finally come, breaking all the records by closing 2018 with a splash, this time, from one of DC comic heroes.

After a minimal appearance from Justice League, Aquaman aka Arthur Curry finally got his full-length story. A son of an earthling lighthouse keeper & an ocean queen, Arthur spent his life learning and living with his father on the surface.  But with a twists & turns of events, his “home is calling” & he needs to take the throne as the king of Atlantis & be the bridge between the land & the sea.

Let’s take a look on the best parts:

Jason Mamoa is a wow! His good deliverance as Khal Drogo in the GoT is noticeable but seeing here in a full-length film is different. Consistent acting with a slight sarcasm and angst really fits him. I’m not gonna talk about his physique, it’s given!

I couldn’t think of any names other than Willem Dafoe who played his cards well as Vulko. I remember him as Harry Orborn’s protective father (Spiderman films) & that same look, that same protection for Aquaman to be always safe, it’s unquestionable.

Patrick Wilson, the loving father who was victimized by dark elements from Insidious made him an effective villain in this movie.

James Wan, the same guy who delivered Furious 7. What I loved about his style is he surprised all his spectators. DC franchise films are known for dark & somber scenarios. But Aquaman brings you to the Underworld Avatar with its colorful environment & sea creatures. He uses a different approach and formula in terms of visual effects that lead to the success of the movie. Albeit some glitches are perceptible, they were covered up by his direction, music, and how he played with cinematography. And the fact that they did not destroy half of the earth at the end of the film, (which Avengers and Justice league did), I think this is really one heroic act (I’m tired seeing “saving the mother earth while destroying it” climax scene).

Here comes the glitches:

Nicole Kidman queenly character is plausible, but she was “hardly there”. And why is it that atlantians creatures has this watery mask whenever they go on the surface while the queen doesn’t need any? I don’t know, maybe because she has superpowers?

There are some unfunny “funny lines”.

Aquaman’s costume design looks like fresh sweet corn. But at least it’s fresh, lol!

Several unnecessary subplots and scenes are there.

The chemistry between Mera and Aquaman’s/Arthur’s character is just like a drop of water, almost nothing.

But wrapping things up, Aquaman delivers a vast improvement to their camp which could possibly finally end the MADness of DC Fanatics (call it Marvel Anxiety Disorder). They started to emerge even though not ahead of Marvel but at least, they probably gave a big leap ahead. Thanks to Aquaman & Wonderwoman a year ago, they already started to save Batman & Superman from drowning. the story & actors are for adults, but the characters & environment are definitely for kids. A very good film to enjoy with your family & friends. Just don’t leave the cinema yet as there is mid-credit scene which will leave you asking for answers. Prolly James Wan’s strategy for us to wait for Aquaman’S sequel.

Now the question is – why is it that film makers concentrates on doing Superman & Batman films while there are so many DC characters that are more fun to watch & listen than Clark and Bruce’ baritone voices? =) (Answer: Because they are more popular, lol!)