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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

EVENT: Happy Hats! :)

“Naku, Mommy / Daddy na yan, kj na yan sa mga ganyang celebration..”

Sorry my dear, but you are absolutely wrong.

When we had a meeting about our upcoming Christmas Party at Aspire Grand Cafe, I was never hesitant to say what I want to happen with the party. Why? Because for me, CFC Community is the coolest, most jologs, and always ready on the go. That’s the reason why me and my hubbydoo enjoyed preparing for the party.

We asked them to wear couple / family outfit wearing their best hats and they absolutely did! Polancos Family even bought their family hat to match their stripey stripes family outfit, and to bring out the party’s theme “CHRISTMAS IN OUR HATS!”
How cool is that? J

We had 5 fun fun fun games and we really enjoyed it! Feeling bata, looking bata xempre!

Food is not a problem as well. It’s a potluck Party and each couple is delighted to bring out their best luto ever!

Anyhow, there is a saying “A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS..” and we have lots of them. Just stop, look, and enjoy!


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

INFO: Congrats Vigan! Proud Pinoy

Announcing the names of THE NEW 7 WONDER CITIES, Bernard Weber, Founder-President of New7Wonders, said “I would like to thank everyone who has helped promote the New7Wonder Cities campaign since its inception in 2011. We vegan with more than 1,200 nominees from 220 different countries and here, we have 7 that represent the global diversity of urban society. For the first time in human history, more than half of our planet’s population lives in cities and this election emphasizes the dramatically challenging character of our changing world.

We congratulate each of these cities on achieving their New7Wonders status, and we look forward to celebrating their election to the ‘Canon of &’ with their citizens in 2015. The New7Wonders Cities will join the New7Wonders of Nature and the New7Wonders of the World in becoming part of Global Memory for humanity forever.”

Bernard Weber thanked the New7Wonders Cities Panel of Expats.






Now I have all the reasons to visit Vigan... +_+

Sunday, 7 December 2014


Technically, CFC Community is our family here in Qatar, Almost every week, we meet 5 other lovely couples together with their chikitings to pray and give praise to the Lord for all the blessings that we are enjoying right now. But of course, we also have fellowships and mini parties. And as Christmas is approaching, our happy Household arranged a simple celebration for HIS birthday, and of course, to have some Food, Fun, and Food again!

Be ready for some fun, food, and fancy hats as we celebrate


12th December 2014
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Teves Residence, Al Hilal Doha Qatar

Don't forget to wear your finest hat to match your couple / family outfit

Food: Potluck

Games: 1 game per couple
(including materials and prizes)

Exchange Gift: 50.00 QAR


Thursday, 4 December 2014

EVENT: A Totally Over hyped Year End Party!

Forget all the conventional invitation, I opted to create a conversation invite para mas cool ang dating at hindi eliterang nagpapasosyal. Simple lang, usap tayo, kasi imbitado ka sa kasiyahang ito! :)

(Click the photo to enlarge)

Wag kalimutan, sa ika-17 ng Disyembre,
kitakits sa Crystal Palace
bandang alas sais ng gabi.
Wag kalimutan ang regalo para sa nabunot mo.

Wag ding kakalimutan ang natatanging
dress code natin, makulay na makulay na puting pang taas sa boylets, at floral naman para sa mga gurlash.

O diba, whiteflower na white flower ang dating!

so pano, #kitakitswhiteflowerpeeps

EVENT: Pooh and Aegis in Doha!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

EVENT: Doha Flower Exhibition 2014

 The Doha International Flowers and Garden Exhibition will be held this weekend from 20th – 22nd of November 2014 at the Museum of Islamic Art Park. The said exhibition will feature local and regional vendors of pots and plant-related decorations, canopy and ornamental plants, portraits and oriental antiques inspired by plants, agricultural equipment, greenhouses, garden furniture, swimming pools, equipment and flower arrangements.

Held under the patronage of Sheikha Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the event is FREE and open to the public, and runs from noon to 10:00 in the eveningon Thursday and Saturday, and from 2:00 PM til 10:00 in the evening on Friday.

WHAT: Doha International Flowers and Garden Exhibition
WHEN: 20th – 22nd November 2014
WHERE: Museum of Islamic Art Park, Doha Qatar
TIME: 12:00NN – 10:00PM (Thursday and Saturday) ; 2:00PM – 10:00PM (Friday)
FEE: Free and Open to the Public

Sunday, 16 November 2014

EVENT: Mitigating Contract Risks: Project Start to Timely Close Out

 Dear Fellow Engineers,

You might be interested to attend the above subject CIOB CPD on 18th November (7:00pm).  The attendance is free of charge however, CIOB requires a pre-registration via email to Ms. Jessica Wachica at Please do not come without sending an email registration as the size of the venue may only accommodate the number of registrants.

Failing to complete projects on planned time is a great dilemma in the construction industry where timelt project close out, with no outstanding claims and disputes, is almost an impossible task.

The presentation will disuss the potential ways of achieving such goal in the best interest of parties to construction contract.

Our speaker Ahmad Ali Al Ansari, FCIOB, FCMI, MAPM, MCIArb, has BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in Project Management in Construction Law and Arbitration, Institution of Supervisory Management Certificate and Diploma in Management Studies.

He is currently the Managing Director – Lagoon Qatar – Project Development, Engineering and Construction Services.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

HOME: Create a room at!

I know all of you love interior design as much as I do! Every time I have a chance, I always go first to Home Center or any home section inside chopping centers. Bed sheets, curtains and lamps are my firsts. Maybe it’s because I am a frustrated Interior Designer. Then I was recently introduced to that allows you to create room designs using real products. Yes Guys, real products. If you are addicted to Ikea (like me) you will “use” their products in you room, and afterwards, share them with your online community.

Neybers is similar to other virtual room creator sites. But of course it also has some unique features. The learning curve is fantastic and the flow of doing your job is so easy, you can just jumped right in and make you first room without watching the tutorial or instructions. A very user friendly application.

Below is the first room I designed on Neybers. Isn’t it lovely? I would love to sit down on that couch and read my favorite book. And do you see that console table on the left? I would love to have that, really.

So, why not try neybers and see for yourself? I’ll show you some screenshots how it works. But first, you need to register and create an account. You can sign in using your email or facebook account.
Next click design room / create room and choose your room template. The happy thing about this is that, you can change the flooring, wall, and ceiling even doors and windows. I feel in love with this feature <3. Just be aware that this application comes to us from Stockholm, Sweden by Amagumo Games so some terms are different. If you need rugs, search under “carpet category” while pillows are under “cushions” category.
Once you pleased with your design, hit the camera and crop the picture. You can then add a title to your design and publish it. Your design will be added to your news feed where others can like and comment on your design. When you publish your designs, more features will be added to you. You will also earn stars and coins that you can use if you want to purchase more features.

My second design is a walk-in closet. I like that union flag chair, it’s killing me!

I created fashion boutique forladies and gents, and you can easily spot the big difference, hahaha! Ladies section is full of everything. :D

My fourth design is an interrogation room, and I use the classic line in the Flor Contemplacion Film as the title of my room “I… did not kill anybody!” cool, eh!?

My fifth design actually earned a recommendation from staffs, yehey!! Clap clap clap!!! It is a “morning lanai” in a country, so there is a bike, a rocking chair a wooden finished porch, complete with some flowers right in front of the porch. I’m loving my own design now, I think I’m obsessed on it, lolz!

On my sixth design, I experimented to create a room that is not part of a home. It’s a music bar where you can chill, listen to a soothing music and enjoy a glass of wine.  I used an inverted table as the platform. You also need to be resourceful and try to use things in a different way. Finally, I used Madonna’s “Take a Vow” lyric as the title – “Lights are low, curtains down, there’s no one there…” (sing!)

For now, you can access or download an ipad application. So, don’t you want to try it and use your creativity as your guide? You can do it girl, unleash that creative juice and discover the unlimited imagination in you. Remember, human brain is a lot wider than the sky…