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Saturday, 20 July 2013

MOVIE: Four Sisters and a Wedding

Last night, I broke my husband’s principle. Yup! He said YES to me when I asked him to go out and watch a movie in a big screen -  A TAGALOG MOVIE called FOUR SISTERS and a WEDDING.

As Star Cinema celebrated their 20th Anniversary in the movie industry, acclaimed artist and one of the most bankable directors, Cathy Garcia-Molina gave us another unforgettable film about family and sibling rivalry. Four Sisters and a Wedding shares the story of the Salazar siblings using a masculine nicknames behind powerful feminine names– Toni Gonzaga aka Teddie (short for Teodora), Bea Alonzo aka Bobbie (short for Roberta), Angel Locsin aka Alex (short for Alexandra) and Shaina Magdayao aka Gabbie (Gabriella), and their baby brother Enchong Dee aka CJ, with his Rebisco name as Rebreb. The normal rhythm of life is rudely interrupted when the Rebreb suddenly announce that he is getting married to his fiancĂ© named Princess. Princess is a surprise character in the movie so I’m not gonna reveal it here. :)

(I am not going to elaborate since I am not sure if you’ve already watched the film)

Anyways, the 2-hour film is a movie worth watching. In Hollywood, they call it as FG or Feel Good (not Fatay Gutom, lolz!) This is a kind movie in which, It will make you cry, and laugh, and cry and laugh. The plot was laid out effectively making it easy for audience to be engaged right away, and wait what will be next scene. I was really moved by Teddie’s character, especially when she told her secrets to her family. Maybe it’s because she’s also an OFW, or maybe I am really into Toni Gonzaga. Nevertheless, for me, she effectively delivered her character, of course, not to mention Ms. Conie Reyes heartwarming acting and Carmi Martin’s classic comedy.

Although Gabbie’s character (Shaina) is not justified why she chose to stay with her mom and their baby brother, it didn’t make the film boring and uninteresting. Good thing, it was explained on the last part when her 3 sisters honors her for her sacrifices.

Bottomline, Four Sisters and a Wedding showed us the Kulturang Pilipino when it comes to family – intact and solid. At kahit saan mo ibato, kahit mo saan dalhin, hindi susuko, laging palaban. It is a movie that tells a story in manner we are all acquainted with, but with “wagas na dramatic and comedic scenes.”  I’ve seen some SOJV colleagues like Ate Gertrude, Ms. Geraldine, Adrian and his wife Emz, watched the same film last night. You can ask for their opinion why I find this movie wit and wacky, and worth watching.

Personal Rating: 9.00 / 10.00