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Saturday, 31 May 2014

THOUGHTS: Samsung Smart TV Limited Edition

Last Monday, while we were waiting for our 8:45PM X-Men schedule, we spotted this Samsung LED Smart TV white limited Edition at Virgin Megastore. And since we are also planning to buy another to place inside our bedroom, we checked this unit, and we were so surprised with its features. And guess what? from 4,500.00 QAR, they are on promotion for only 2,799.00 QAR only! hayst, can't miss this chance!

Samsung LED TV Series 6 guides you into an exciting world of highly engaging and entertaining content with Smart Hub. Smart Hub gathers all of your favourite content into a single location and intuitively serves them up through a simple set of pages. Now this wide array of highly engaging and interactive content can tapped into through a single interface on your TV. 

The most advanced
SMART TV experience ever

• 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
• Dual Core Processor
• Clear Motion Rate 500Hz
• Wi-Fi Built-in
• Skype on Smart TV


  • 3D Converter available
  • ConnectShare™ (USB 2.0) Movie
  • Samsung 3D available
  • History available
  • Wireless LAN Built-in available
  • OSD Language: Local Languages
  • HDMI 1.4 3D Auto Setting available
  • HDMI 1.4 A / Return Ch. Support support
  • Time Shift available
  • Teletext (TTXT) available
  • User Interface: Golden Bridge
  • AllShare (Content Sharing, Screen Mirroring) available
  • Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) available
  • Auto Channel Search available
  • Auto Power Off available
  • Auto Volume Leveler available
  • Caption (Subtitle) available
  • Clock & On / Off Timer available
  • Game Mode available
  • Picture-In-Picture available
  • Sleep Timer available
  • Advanced Sports Mode
  • BT HID Built-in available
  • USB HID Support
  • Sound Share available
  • Digital Clean View available
  • Analog Clean View available
  • BD Wise Plus available
  • Embeded POP available
  • Extended PVR available
  • Smart Phone Remote support
  • WiFi Direct available
Watching "Pagpag" :D Browse a Movie, select a movie, watch a movie
Amazing right? But what we love the most about this TV is that, when we purchased it, Virgin Megastore is offering a 6 months 00% interest to all CBQ credit card holders, and guess what? My husband is a CBQ loyalist hahahaha! With free delivery and setting up at home, now Im enjoying watching films, direct from the internet. Ditch you HDMI as this won't be needed anymore. Another great innovation from Samsung. :)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

MOVIE: X-Men Days of Future Past
There have been a glut of superhero movies since the first X-Men film was released in 2000. 14 years since that first installment, the franchise is still going strong and remains the most consistent superhero series of them all. Thanks to X-Men production that I almost forgot the failure gave by the Amazing Spiderman-2 several weeks ago. Full packed of academy award nominees among its lead, for sure no one will say that this will be just so-so movie of 2014.

The birth of Peter Maximoff a.k.a Quicksilver is probably one of the best and catchy parts of the whole film especially when his super powers "slowed down". He is actually the son of Magneto in Marvel Comics though it wasn't mention in the film. I love the theme "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce, lakas maka 1970's! I love the idea of old songs that you will not hear them playing on the radio anymore. in fact, I got the complete music downloaded hahah!

In summary, this film really brought us back to the world of mutants in 1973. And it is not surprising that every film of X-men franchise is going stronger, and more interesting. People will probably say that this is another J.Law film, so yes, because they know how to market their talent, so they give more exposure to JLaw while fans and audience still love her. And this factor belongs to the plus side of the movie. With 91% rotten tomatoes "certified fresh" rating for the entire film, a reason that is more than enough to watch the film on a wide screen.

It's far superior to any other superhero movie that has come out lately.

My Personal  Rating:
  • Storyline: 9.5
  • Screenplay: 9.0
  • Special Effects: 9.2
  • Average: 9.23

Monday, 26 May 2014

INFO: Electronic System for Driving Tests

DOHA: The Traffic Department will soon introduce an electronic system for the “L” and “parking” tests in driving schools to abolish direct supervision by the policemen.

These two preliminary tests take place in the premises of the driving schools to qualify the trainees for the final road tests. Currently the tests are conducted in the presence of policemen, who are responsible for evaluating the trainees and issuing the results.

Driving schools are now preparing to introduce a new system in which the tests will be monitored electronically from a control room in the driving school. Instead of physically supervising the tests, the policeman will sit in the control room and monitor the test on a computer screen. The result will also be issued based on this assessment.

“We will be implementing the new system very soon. We have already conducted the trial and it was very efficient and successful,” an official of a leading driving school told this daily yesterday.

He said a major advantage of the new system is that the candidates can take the tests without being scared of the presence of policemen. It will also help avoid complaints about bias or favoritism by inspectors supervising the tests.

“Nobody can claim that the evaluation was wrong since there will be solid proof to show how the candidate has performed,” said the official.

There will be censors at the testing grounds which will be linked to CCTV cameras monitoring the tests.

If the car touches the censors during the test, it w ill be captured by t  he camera and shown on the large LCD screen in the control room.

The Traffic Department has also plans to install CCTV cameras in the cars used for road tests to accurately monitor the performance of the trainees during the tests and avoid complaints, it has been learn.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

LEGAL ISSUE: Ministry getting set to enforce labor laws

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is gearing up to launch raids on companies to check their compliance with provisions of the labour law ahead of some key changes in labour rights anticipated in the country.

Beginning next month, the Inspection Department of the labour ministry is expected to mount raids on a massive scale on companies and their labour lodgings.

The compliance of companies with rules on occupational health and safety, and paying workers’ wages in time, and whether any company has employed runaway workers, are to be checked.

Companies must keep ready salary statements (paid to workers) for the past three months. The salary sheets must be endorsed by the labour ministry.

Labour accommodations will also be checked and companies must ensure that four workers stay in a room of not less than four by four meters in size.

Reposted from The Peninsula | Photo by Ziad Hunesh

Saturday, 24 May 2014

PROMO: Adidas and Sports Corner on Sale!

At Dahil bukas ay Salary Day, pwedeng pwede nang Summer Sale!

all ADIDAS and SPORTS CORNER shops are now on for its SUMMER BIG SALEMay 24 to June 14
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LEGAL ISSUE: Changes to kafala expected as early as end of May

Source: Doha News Today

Changes to Qatar’s controversial kafala sponsorship system could be introduced as early as next week, according to report by international law firm DLA Piper examining working and living conditions for low-income expats here.

The 139-page report, “Migrant labour in the construction sector in the State of Qatar, was commissioned by the government last fall to examine the state of affairs of Qatar’s growing blue-collar workforce, following intense media coverage of various abuses.

Qatar 2022
Many rights groups have been leveraging the fact that Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup as a way of keeping pressure on the government to implement reforms.
The report was issued to the government at the beginning of May and released publicly this week by NGO Engineers Against Poverty, which has posted it in full on its website (and is embedded below).
The document is not groundbreaking, in that it reads like many other reports published in recent years by human rights groups who have studied labor conditions in Qatar.
It echoes Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the United Nations, among others, in calling for major reforms in Qatar. However, several of DLA Piper’s recommendations, including allowing expats to organize into unions and setting a minimum wage, have already been discussed and dismissed by officials here.
Still, because the report was commissioned by the government, it is unclear what kind of an impact it will have on reform.

Proposed changes

The detailed dossier references Qatar’s recent proposals to change its sponsorship system, which were announced in a highly-publicized press conference run by the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs earlier this month.
The ministries’ key recommendations included refining the exit permit system – though not abolishing it, as many had hoped – and changes to the no objection certificate that would theoretically make it easier for an expat to switch jobs.
At the time of the announcement, it was made clear that these proposals were a first step and still had a long way to go before they could become law, as they had to be circulated to the Chamber of Commerce and approved by the Advisory (Shura) Council.
However, the DLA Piper report suggests that legislation could be introduced much sooner that expected. In a section in the middle of the report discussing the government’s proposed system changes, the document states:
“This reform was submitted to the Council of Ministers on 9 April 2014 and will be effective by the end of May 2014.”


The report also made a number of its own recommendations for reform, calling for “increased transparency and communication between the State of Qatar, State of Origin governments, and major actors in public and private sectors,” which it describes as critical before implementing any changes.
Proposed changes include:
  • Phasing out of the exit visa system;
  • Increasing enforcement against employers holding workers’ passports (which is illegal under Qatar’s labor law), and imposing tougher penalties on  repeat offenders, including heavy fines and blacklisting for the worst perpetrators; and
  • Doing away with the NOC requirement for employees of sponsors who are found to have abused the system.
DLA Piper also recommended that Qatar help tackle recruitment fees paid by many of Qatar’s migrant workers before coming here. Agents often charge thousands of dollars to secure work for migrants, putting these expats heavily in debt before they even arrive to Doha.

Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Richard Messenger/Flickr
Photo for illustrative purposes only.

While it is illegal to collect recruitment fees inside Qatar, many workers’ own countries permit this practice. DLA Piper notes this can “amount to a serious abuse of power which requires prompt attention.”
It called on Qatar to:
  • Take a “robust stance” and stop using agencies that charge recruitment fees;
  • Establish clearer complaints procedures for workers against their employers;
  • Set up a fast-track procedure for major complaints;
  • Establish workers’ welfare standards;
  • Create a standard form of migrant worker employment contract for use by all public bodies carrying out construction works, to be monitored by the Ministry of Labor. These contracts should be translated into a language the worker understands and the details fully explained to them; and
  • Blacklist contractors and employers who breach health and safety standards.
It also called for the reporting and publishing every six months of statistics for work-related injuries and deaths, and to establish an independent, three-year study into migrant worker deaths from cardiac arrest.
Moreover, it recommended the law on post-mortems be amended to allow for examinations in cases of sudden or unexplained deaths.
It also advised that workers be given freedom of association through trade unions, and be given rights of representation and be permitted collective bargaining – a right currently only afforded to Qataris.


The report recommends introducing a minimum wage and setting a relevant rate for each level of construction worker. This should be detailed in the new workers’ contract and be legally binding on all construction sector employers in Qatar.
It also advises that all workers should be paid electronically by bank transfer, and this should be monitored by the Qatar Central Bank.
The Cabinet announced in early May that it planned to implement this type of electronic system.
DLA Piper also called for improved workers’ access to justice by abolishing court fees when filing labor court cases. Additionally, it suggested the introduction of “an independent monitoring and reporting body” such as the National Human Rights Committee to conduct an ongoing review of the recommended reforms.

Business leaders’ opposition

While many expats have expressed disappointment with Qatar’s proposed kafala changes, saying they don’t go far enough, several Qatari business leaders have taken the opposite view. They argue that loosening the exit permit system and NOC requirements could adversely affect the country’s economy.
Yesterday, The Peninsula reported that top businessmen and senior officials from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs met earlier this week.
The paper quotes prominent businessman, Ali Al Khalaf, who took part in the meeting, as having told local Arabic daily Al Arab:
“I said that if implemented, the changed system would create confusion in the business community. The changes will have a negative impact on businesses and the national economy.”

PEOPLE: Positive Pinoys!


Amid recent calamities and political chaos, Filipinos seem to continue to find reasons to smile. In fact, we're ranked among the world's 6th most positive people.

Moving on
According to a survey done by Gallup, an American research company, a lot of Filipinos experienced "positive emotions" in 2013. This is quite a feat, as that's the year the country was hit by Typhoon Yolanda, the massive Visayas quake, and the standoff that rocked Zamboanga.

Most optimistic countries
Below is a list of the top 10 most positive countries and their respective positivity indexes:
1. Paraguay - 87
2. Panama - 86
3. Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Ecuador - 83
4. Costa Rica, Colombia, and Denmark - 82
5. Honduras, Venezuela, and El Sallvador - 81
6. Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand - 80
7. United Arab Emirates, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia - 79
8. Chile, Argentina, Taiwan, Sweden, Iceland, United States of America, Netherlands, and Dominican Republic - 78
9. Rwanda - 77
10. Austria, Uzbekistan, Uruguay, China, Ireland, Mexico, France, Mali, and Finland - 76
On the other hand, Syria ranked the lowest in the survey with a score of 36 on the index.

Survey details
Gallup said that the results are based on telephone and face-to-face interviews with approximately 1,000 adults (aged 15 and older) in each of the 132 countries covered by the survey.
By the way, among the questions asked in the survey are the following:
  • Did you feel well-rested yesterday?
  • Were you treated with respect all day yesterday?
  • Did you learn something interesting yesterday?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

INFO: Change your Ebay Password, now!

The online auction and sales giant eBay posted a message Wednesday morning saying that it had been hacked, urging all of its members to change their passwords. 

The company said in a statement that a database containing encrypted passwords had been breached, but that financial data, including credit card information, was stored separately and was still safe. Hackers were able to gain access to eBay employee log-ins, eBay said, which in turn gave them access to the encoded passwords. 

eBay says that no unauthorized transactions have yet been made with the information. But if you’re an eBay user, you still definitely need a new password. 

“[C]hanging passwords is a best practice,” the statement said, “and will help enhance security for eBay users.” 

In the statement, which was unsigned, eBay said that the attack took place between late February and early March. Though the passwords that the hackers gained access to were encrypted, or obscured by a code to prevent easy reading, eBay did say that the hackers were able to access members’ names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth.  

The real takeaway from this: Change your eBay password (go to My eBay and open the Personal Information link you’ll see on the left). If you use the same password on multiple sites, you’ll need to change those passwords, too, should the hackers successfully break the encryption. 

eBay Hacked, Urges All Members to Change Passwords Immediately

And if you’re looking for a strong new password, now is a good time to revisit our guide to creating secure passwords on all your online accounts.

THOUGHTS: Happy Birthday to my One and Only Sistah!!! (late Post!)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

INFO: How to Apply for A Qatar Smart ID Card (E-Gate Card) and Its Renewal

How to Apply for A Qatar Smart ID Card (E-Gate Card) and Its Renewal | Blog | Qatar Day

The e-Gate system (Smart ID) allows air passengers and officials to enter and exit the country with ease. Holders of the e-Gate Card may bypass the immigration formalities at the Doha International Airport by punching their cards at the gate and pressing their index fingers on an electronic scanner.

Application Process

Follow these steps to apply:

  • Visit the office for e-Gate Cards.
  • Show your ID or GCC passport.
  • Pay appropriate fees.

                        One year: QR200

                        Two years: QR250

                        Three years: QR300


Go to the immigration department in Madinat Khalifa with your ID card (Gate 1 or 2 depending on your visa type).

Go to the immigration department in Madinat Khalifa with your ID card (Gate 1 or 2 depending on your visa type).

Have your photo taken at a booth, and fingerprint both your hands. (Immigration staff will assist you).
Get in line to get a token number and wait for it to be called.

When you're called, go to the counter. Tell them you did your fingerprinting on the system and request for the Smart ID for one or two or three years. You can pay for the e-Gate card/Smart ID for up to 3 years.
Immigration will then swap your Qatari ID for a chipped ID card. With this e-Card (Smart ID) you should be able to skip immigration and passport control and use the e-Gate, as long as you have your exit permit.

Renewal Process
1) You may ask an electronic form from your company with your name in arabic. Bring it with your ID card, old E-Gate card, and a credit card or any saving account ATM card with certain amount of course so that you could pay the fee.

2) Go to the Immigration Building just off of the Shammal Road near Landmark Mall (heading towards the airport from Landmark). When you go through security (tell them you're here for e-gate and they should let you by) and enter the “courtyard” of the Immigration Building go to entrance number 2 on your left, this will open into a big room with lots of seats (over a hundred), to your left will be civil servants in booths with flashing numbers over them to indicate the next ticket number. Don't go to them or look for a ticket number, just go straight across the room, turn right at the snack kiosk, and go to what kind of looks like some large booths on the left wall. This is where you have your photo and fingerprint taken for E-Gate.

[Warning: a commentator said that ladies might be turned away if wearing dresses or Capri pants so ladies you may want to consider full-length pants.]

3) Two ladies were working the E-Gate “booths”. One of them will take your ID card and the piece of paper, take you to a booth, and then:

  • take your picture
  • scan your fingerprint
  • have you write your signature on a special electronic pad

she will then sign the paper and give it back you with your ID card.

4) From there go back to the entrance. You will see a big desk with two or three civil attendants behind it (and probably a big crowd of people around them). This is where you get your ticket number. Go up to them and say you are here for E-gate. They will give you a number and then you sit down and wait for your number to be called.

5) When it is getting close to your number being called try to move to a place so that you can quickly get to the booth. It's a big room and the guys at the desks seem to give about 20 seconds before they move on to the next number. When it is your turn give the person the document, ID card, and credit/ATM card. They will charge the fee for the E-Gate card to your credit card and they will keep both the piece of paper and your ID card. That is because they have a new system where they have integrated E-Gate with your ID card so they will issue you a brand-new ID card that has E-Gate built in.

6) They will then tell you to sit down and wait until they call you to collect your new card. They might tell you to come back to the booth after few minutes. Generally the wait is anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

7) Now you have to activate your E-Gate card (again no one will be so eager to tell you anything about activating the card so that once you’re in the airport, its already activated and ready for scanning). To activate, head back to the scanning booths near the snack kiosk. Behind it are what looks like two ATM machines. You use these to activate your card. Usually there's some attendant who stands there where you could ask for help, typing in you ID numbers etc.


Sunday, 18 May 2014

PLACES: Enchanted Kingdom meets The Walking Dead

Are those zombies from “The Walking Dead” giving you sleepless nights? Enchanted Kingdom’s latest attraction is offering you a fun way to take vengeance.

You can shoot those corpses all you want on its 7D Interactive Motion Theater. It’s interactive, it feels like real and you’re actually moving with a plastic gun in hand. 

But don’t worry, it’s guiltless. In fact, draped in sotana, the priest who blessed the newly-refurbished theater inside the theme park seemed to enjoy every bit of the ride.

James Contreras, seated beside EK chairman Mario Mamon and chief executive Cynthia Mamon, was among the first to experience the newest attraction in the Sta. Rosa Laguna park.

The light-hearted Mamon was not kidding when he said during the launch that riders are in for a friendly competition as soon as the short zombie clip starts to roll.

He actually went head-to-head with his equally competitive wife, and Contreras, who emerged second and third placers, respectively.

The future of PH theme park 

“Our ultimate goal is to convert EK from a one-day stay institution into something you need a weekend to finish everything that we will have here,” Mamon said.

“So that will all happen, I promise you, in 5 to 10 years,” the theme park’s chairman added, noting that he is always trying to look for new attractions to bring to EK.

The newest attraction is part of P480 bundle the park offers students during summer. Aside from the 7D Theater, the price gives you access to Disk-O-Magic, Pagpag Horror House and Alienation.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

PROMO: I am Leaving Qatar for Good...

I am not actually the owner of these items, It's actually one of my British managers. He transferred to Zekreet Villa Compound 9 months ago and bought all these stuffs thinking he will be working here in Doha for a long period of time. However, better opportunity knocks in hence; he chose to go back to UK for good. He will leave Qatar by end of this month and he needs to dispose his stuffs as soon as possible.

There are several items still in his villa, so better rush in and check 'em all! :)

Viber: 66788730
(Map is available upon request, thank you :)



Thursday, 15 May 2014

THOUGHTS: Thankful Thursday
Instead of saying "IT'S THROWBACK THURSDAY", why not say "IT'S THANKFUL THURSDAY", for we have so many things to be thankful for the whole week God has given us. Our family, friends, and and colleagues. But, we should also have to appreciate other things that sometimes, annoy us or irritate us, or cause us boredom, and test our patience, because God has a plan for us, always. And even if we do not know what it is, just trust Him with all our Heart and we will surely understand his reasons.

#1, Lord, I am thankful for the traffic that we always experience every time we go to work. I still have additional time to spend with my family while we’re on our way to the office. Thank you Lord for the road traffic as I have much time to fix my hair, my shoes and my tie. But most of all, thank you for getting me stuck in the traffic for I have seen and appreciate more the beauty of morning sunshine.
#2, Lord, I am still thankful even if sometimes, there is no parking space for my vehicle. With this, I still enjoy the comfort of sitting inside my car while waiting. Thank you Lord God for you let me realize that I didn’t walk going to my destination. But most of all, Even If I have to linger for a little while, I thank you Lord because you let me realize that I am living in a prosperous country and that is the reason cars are everywhere.

#3, Lord I am thankful for the gift of work you bestow to us. Even if our workload is as high as Eiffel Tower, it only shows that we are capable of doing something that cannot be done by others. Thank you Lord because every month, we are able to pay our bills and you keep our mind busy that helps reduces the chance or depression due to idleness. And most of all, thank you for some “terrorist managers”, if not for them I will not realize that I can extend my patience more.
#4 and Most importantly Lord God, I am thankful for giving us the opportunity to work outside our comfort zone in the Philippines, and make Doha Qatar our second home.  We are surrounded by different nationalities yet, you gave us enough confidence to deal with them everyday. Thank you lord for bringing us in a foreign land because you let us gain lot of useful experiences and valuable knowledge from world-class experts and colleagues who come from different countries in the world. And most of all, thank you Lord for these people, because if not for them, I won't have this #4 to thank for.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

LEGAL ISSUE: The Result of Qatar Law Changes


Current exit permit system will be replaced by a new mechanism where expat worker will be granted exit permit through Ministry of Interior, according to the official twitter feed of the ministry.

The new sponsorship system will be on contract basis, said the assistant director of Border Passports and Expatriate Affairs Brig. Mohammed Al Ateeq in a press conference on Wednesday.

In addition, the new draft law states that employer will be fined QR 50,000 instead of 10,000 for confiscating passports of employees.