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Sunday, 17 May 2015

THOUGHTS: Celebrate Life with Sky Oryx Staffs

"Working in different companies gives you different feeling. It proves that after ending something, you would always have a better start..."

Finally, after a bunch of viber messages that are continuously flowing everday (believe me, Iphone always hangs, lolz!), the “reunion” of Sky Oryx Joint Venture (SOJV) former and current staffs came to reality. Correct me If I am wrong but this had to be the event with the biggest (?) number of participants. Nax! Sounds like it was a one bigtime reunion, ey!

Anyways, it started with a simple viber group invitation from 2 (not so old, heheh!) organizers – thanks to Kuya Jim and Kuya David, the group is growing bigger and bigger each day. (as of this moment, viber groups has 83 members).

Really?! Ganyan kayo karami sa previous company nyo?! Bakit ang dami?

Ate Wilda, ikaw lang ang wala sa Procurement :)

These are just some questions that you hear from your new colleagues. Well, who would not notice one of the biggest projects ever, in Qatar? The Hamad International Airport (formerly New Doha Intl Airport). With over 19,000 employees working for the Contract package 18 (CP-18) from workers to directors, you’re gonna be outta hell if you will not be able to recognize even one face whenever you got to Lulu Hypermarket, The Mall, Shopping Centers or even in the most unexpected places like toilets (unexpected ba to?!)


It’s really a good thing to spend some time with these people. Honestly, I don’t know all of’em, I worked from 2011-2014 (Procurement and Subcontract), and the project started to roll in 2006. But spending some time together, see them again and catch up about what has been going on with them is a great anti-stress reliever, not to mention that watching (nah, I didn’t play last night) them bowling was somehow a good anti-boredom pill.

Individual Ranking - SINO SI TOOTH LOLZ! 
Nakakamiss na kwentuhan, tawanan, asaran and everything. I do hope this is just the beginning.

The Runners-Up!
The Champions!

Thank you Guys for making our weekend a memorable one!

See you next time! I am looking forward on our next event +_+

Hey there Hubby, Congratulations! <3

Saturday, 9 May 2015

EVENT: Best Mom Ever!

I don’t usually brag about my academic achievements, what for?! I already got a great job. What matters most now is your professional experience and capabilities. But today? This will have to be an exemption because of one great person. To say I worked my ass of for this would be an understatement. Going back into my last week of refresher course, my personal assessment wasn’t that good. Maybe because I was intimidated by other students from bigger universities. A meek lass from the province who took once in a lifetime opportunity to become a certified Inhinyero Sibil. Many times, I thought I was going to blow my chance. But thankfully, through prayers, sleepless nights, tears, with the help of  endless wall of formulas written on manila paper, I managed to finish 2 long days of solving problems.

I know grades don’t define you, but I needed it to prove something for myself, that my mom would be proud of. I may not be the best engineer in town, but one thing’s for sure, my PRC license 10 years ago (May 2005 CE Board) is the best  gift I gave on Mother’s Day. I passed the Board Exam not because I’m matalino (believe me, I am not!) But because my mom taught that If you want to become a better version of yourself, do the things that will make you happy. And what makes me happy is to see you happy.

You know I am proud of what I have achieved, but I am more proud to have a mother like you. You never pressured me into this, which I am very thankful for. I will always remember that you are the one who shaped me into the person I am today.

Para sa unang dekada ng aking lisensya, this one’s for you Ma, only for you, and you know that. No words can ever equate your love and support to us. Thank you Ma, for everything... Happy Mother’s Day and We Love You!

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THOUGHTS: Ladies Night, and Everything Nice! :)

Picture this: It’s been a long week, and you’ve had your fill of motherhood and work. Now it is time to relax and unwind with a few of your girlfriends. Call it a Ladies Night Out (or LNO for short) is a wonderful concept and allows for you and your girlfriends to enjoy a night on the town kid- and spouse-free. It’s a great way to bond while having a little fun too. And having an epic Girls Night Out can do wonders for your mood.
So when we decided to have some girlie-girl time with some girlfriends, it was like you wanna sing " I gotta feeling, wooohhooo! that tonight gotta be a good night..." That's how we felt last Thursday Night. It was our first time (and hopefully no the last time!) with the group and everyone's so excited. Plus, Em and Ey are going to celebrate their Natal Day, not to mention an upcoming Mother's DAy on the 10th of May, It's a double celebration, ayt?! And so, we met first at Chizen Restaurant, Oryx Rotana Hotel and the fun quickly began.

After a very delightful dinner, we left Oryx Rotana and went to Horizon Manor Hotel to experience music, drinks and more fun at Krossroads Bar.


An evening full of laughter, food, drinks with these ladies was really great. Especially if you share it with people whose all of you has one common denominator - "Don't ruin my lipstick, or I'll ruin your life!
Gotta go girls! Thank you for the perfect Ladies' Night. And most of all, thankie much to our husbands, boyfriends and kids, you let us do our "Me TIme"
Another tipsy night soon! +_+

EVENT: Gary V. in Qatar!

Event Details

Ticket Purchase: 
At the door
15 May / 4:00 pm

About the event

GARY V. Live in Qatar
Special Show during the party for spectators after the 2015 IAAF Diamond League brought by Qatar Athletic Federation. 

Ticket is only QAR 50 as a way of appreciation to spectators for watching the international event. The Filipino artists will be GARY VALENCIANO and his two siblings KIANA and PAOLO. BACK TO BACK TO BACK with 2 Euthopian superstars AMSAL MITKE at TADDALLA. 

One unforgatable evening of sports, music and dance. 

MAY 15, 2015 - QATAR SPORTS CLUB - Gate Closes at 6:30.
Reserve your tickets now at 55519713 and schedule a delivery.

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