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Monday, 17 August 2015

PROMO: Century Hotel's Filipino Night

Para sa Buwan ng Pambansang Wika

Here comes Filipino Night at Century Hotel Doha Qatar

Saturday, 15 August 2015

INFO: Kabayan Passports on your Doorstep
Filipino expatriates in Qatar will soon find it easier and convenient to receive their passports (renewed or newly issued) at an affordable cost.

The Philippine embassy in Doha and Qatar Postal Services Company (QPost) have signed an agreement to deliver passports of Filipino expatriates either to their homes or offices.

Ambassador Wilfredo Santos and QPost acting chairman of the board and managing director Abdulla Slash al-Hajri led the signing ceremony of the delivery services agreement at the Barzan Tower on Monday. It was attended by other QPost and embassy officials and staff.

According to Santos, Qatar's national courier service will charge a minimal fee of QR25 for the delivery of every passport.

“This service will make passport application more convenient for Filipinos in Qatar,” the envoy pointed out. 
Santos said the arrangement will also help lessen foot traffic and decongest the embassy. 

“It will have more working space for conducting other official business transactions,” he added.

The envoy also thanked former Philippine ambassador to Qatar Crescente Relacion, as well as vice-consul Kristine Bautista and other embassy officials, for initiating the project.

Quoting al-Hajri, the envoy said QPost will deliver on its commitments provided that clients complete their information accurately by specifying the street address, zone number, and building number.

Santos also thanked the Qatar government for its hospitality, hosting nearly 200,000 Filipino expatriates “who stand to benefit from the provision of passport delivery services in the country.”

As the sixth Philippine ambassador to Qatar, Santos reiterated his commitment to Filipino expatriates in the country to further enhance the embassy's services, improving its efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. 
For his part, al-Hajri thanked the envoy for giving QPost the opportunity to handle the embassy's passport courier service as it expands its market reach to include the diplomatic community.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

PLACES: UAEscapades 2015! (Part 5/5)

Day 05 21st July 2015 Tuesday

The last day of our UAEscapades. We woke up early, went to Al Ghurair, bought some Dubai shirts (which are highly in demand hahah!). afterwards, we had our big breakfast meal, and went back to the hotel.

By 12nn, we checked out and went straight to the Airport. Our flight was 4:00 in the afternoon. But for some reason, it was delayed by an hour. Nevertheless, it didn’t affect us. We enjoyed and we had fun even if we are just inside the waiting area.

Our experience is really light and cool and memorable. This is actually the first time wherein we visited other country. We still have plans to go back, and visit other countries. But for now, we will cherish first our trip called UAEscapades2015!

PLACES: UAEscapades 2015! (Part 4/5)

Day 04 20th July 2015 Monday

We experienced a very hectic schedule for the past 3 days. Imagine a 2-3 itineraries a day’ s kinda exhausting, but actually, that’s the essence of the word “tour”, wandering around… Anyhow, today is a relaxation day for me and my hus-buddy. We Yes, it’s Aquaventure Day! 

We packed our best swimming suits, hurriedly went out and took Union Station straight to Jumeirah Lake Towers Station. From there, we transferred to Tram and paid using our nhol cards, this is also new for me, Yumu-Europe lang ang peg.

After Tram, we again transferred to private monorail, straight to Atlantis Hotel. Happy Swimming, Happy Swamping!

we didn't go back straight to the hotel. We asked the cab driver to take us to Jumeirah Open Beach and have a selfie moment with Burj Al Arab as the back drop, as this is one of the highlights of anyone's vacation in UAE.

Such a comforting and tranquil day for both of us. We enjoyed the water, slides, the food, the weather. The weather was good actually. Not so mainit.

Right after the Atlantis, we went back to the hotel and rest for a little while, because we still have one more place to go. Boracay!

A dinner treat from my former and most generous company of all time hahaha! I worked with them for 5years with assigned in 3 branches (Makati Philippines, Hanoi Vietnam and Dubai UAE).

Although it lasted for only 2 hours, we’re so busog and satisfied with the food, not to mention those pinoy bands who constantly singing good music. Nostalgic…

Before we went back to the hotel, my former manager dropped us to tadan! Day to Day Union and bought some souvenirs and Dubai stuffs for our friends.

Well, Pardz slept at 12:00mid night. I slept at 1:30 in the morning cause I need to pack our things, check everything, and double check again everything.

It’s almost 2:00 and it’s killing me..zzzz…

PLACES: UAEscapades 2015! (Part 3/5)

Day 03 19th July 2015 Sunday

It wasn’t as busy as the first 2 days since we only have to go to Abu Dhabi to enjoy Ferrari World!

Hus-buddy was so excited, cars eh. what would you expect from a guy, right?! driving, cars, and everything about wheels, edi xa na! :D TAgain, we took Union Station going to Al Ghubaiba Greenline Station. Less than 5minute walk you will see all buses going to Abu Dhabi. Your nhol card should have 50AED for a 2way trip to Auh.

After a little while, we satisfied our gutom and went to Il Poddio. The resto offers variety of cuisine, all you have to do is check and select – from Arabic, to Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian and Pinoy Dishes.

After a delicious meal, the fun continues!

Before we left, we visited some booths for the last time, and there, Pardz saw this Basketball Playmania. Got no more words to say, we won, yes! 4/5 shots, so I got a big fish name “Gero”, a bear named “Hearty” and “Ely” the elephant.

During dinner time, we met Ate Nida Castigo for dinner at Shogun Japanese Restaurant and had a very deliciosong Yakiniku dinner with our great friend and former colleague in Qatar. She was actually the #1 supporter of Pardz when he was still courting me… Hep throwback lolz!

The dinner lasted for 3 hours, imagine that?! Kwentong naipon for more than 4 years.. Thank you Ate Nida Castigo! Next kita natin, sagot ka nmin!

After a warm bath, whew sarap matulog… zzzz