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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

PLACE: Hamad International Airport is now For Real

Okay, so here's the thing: After several delays and postponement for the opening of the prestigious Hamad International Airport Project, the much awaited event finally came true:


Hamad Interntional Airport has finally started its operations and had its soft opening with a ceremonial flight from Qatar Airways today morning. However, Fly Dubai was the first passenger aircraft to touchdown at the new airport. Residents in Qatar were anxious for the first aircraft to arrive after the much awaited opening was delayed in the past.

The following airlines will operate through the Airport starting today:
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  • Fly Dubai
  • Air Arabia
  • Iran Air
  • Air India Express
  • Yemenia Yemen Airlines
  • Pakistan International Airlines
  • Nepal Airlines
  • Syrian Airlines
  • Pegasus Airlines
Full operations for all international airlines will commence on the 27th May 2014.
Map of the Hamad International Airport:

For those who are starting to get curious what's so special about the Airport,You can also check HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for additional information.

a sculpture of a T-REX dinosaur and some animal that sort of resembles an oryx.

Oryx sculptures and Playground by Dutch artist Tom Claassen

Other pieces will be added to the airport in the coming years, including from artist Adel Adessemed (famous for his “head-butt” statue of two fighting footballers), Damien Hirst (whose enormous bronze statues of “The Miraculous Journey” are displayed in front of the Sidra Medical and Research Center); Dia Azzawi and Jenny Holzer.

Upon reaching the Passenger Terminal Building, please enter the Departures hall through the front entrance, accessible via the passenger Drop Off and Short Term car park.
A Short Term car park is available. Follow the signs to the 'West' car park that offers easier access to Check-in.

Taxis can drop you off directly in front of the Departures hall. There are also two bus routes serving Hamad International Airport. For more information about routes and timings please contact the Mowasalat call centre on (+974) 4458 8888

Bus Route 109
Hamad International Airport - Labour Camp - New Airport South - Barwa Commercial Centre - Rus Abu Funtas - Al Adalah Street - Al Wakra Main Street - Al Razi Street - Pearl Roundabout - Majllis Al Taawon Street - Al Wakra Health Centre - Al Shahba - Kanari Turkey - Al Deoudla Street - Al Rawda Street - Al Wakra (South) - Al Janoub Street - Al Seleen Petrol Station - Umm Said Road - Alcat Project - Mesaieed Shopping Mall - Police Station - Mesaieed Camps - Mesaieed Industrial City

Bus Route 747
Hamad International Airport - New Airport North - Ras Abu Abboud - Oasis Hotel - Doha Club - Rus Abu Abboud - Sana - National Library - A Ring Road - Grand Hamad Street - Al Ghanim Bus Station

Jamocha Cafe
Enjoy a variety of beverages and snacks at Jamocha Café inside the passenger terminal. One outlet is located in the Departures hall (near Check-in Row 6) and the other is in Concourse B (near Boarding Gate B9).


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

EVENT: Yeng, Christine and Kamikazee Band Concert in Doha

WHAT: Pinoy Artists Concert in Qatar
WHEN: May 09, 2014, 6:30PM
WHERE: Qatar Sports Club
Gate close at 6:30PM
 (General Admission and no VIP Tickets)

Yeng Constantino
Christine Reyes
Kamikazee Band

CONTACT: 33627661 and/or 77086468
Free Delivery for a Minimum of 3 Tickets

Monday, 28 April 2014

FASHION: Hotty Hats in the House!

Where did you get that hat?
Hotty Hats in the House!
Ever since I was a kid, my fascination with hats and caps were so blatant. I remember I stole (opps sorry!) from my aunt her Yankees baseball cap because It looks so cool to wear one. Until today, wearing hat is part of my simple fashion style. Everytime I go out with my friends or with my husband, I always make sure that I accessorize myself with a hat. Even during our prenup photo shoot, I bought 2 hats to as part of my art. :D

So now, just want to share with you some of my caps/hats. Since it's already summer, and hat looks cool and fashionable. And for me, even if I am wearing a simple tops and jeans, but with a hat (probably Fedora Hat), I feel like that i am special and unique. x_x

So far, my Fedora hat from H&M (find it HERE) is my favorite for this season. +_+
I hope you got your favorite hat too!

Pistil Military Hat from Esprit (same HERE) (Dubai UAE)
Bucket Hat from Claire's, (Doha Qatar)

A souvenir bonnet from Ski Dubai, (Dubai UAE)

Bobble Hat from New Yorker (Doha Qatar)
Nude Straw Hat from Splash (Doha, Qatar)

Another (Black) Straw Hat (Doha, Qatar)

Knitted Cap from Oxygen (Hanoi Vietnam & Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Fashionable Baseball Cap from Terranova (Singapore)
Sun Visor Cap from Adidas (Dubai Marina Beach, UAE)
Fisherman's Hat from Kappa (Abu Dhabi UAE & Puerto Galera, Philippines)
Another Fisherman's Hat (Halong Bay, Vietnam)
Nude Fisherman's Hat (Doha Qatar and Camiguin Island Philippines)
Camouflage Bonnet (Dubai, UAE)
Irish Cap from Bench (Hongkong)
Another Irish Cap from H&M (Doha, Qatar)
Maroon Baseball Cap from Quicksilver (Doha, Qatar)
Trilby Hat (Dubai, UAE)

Cowboy Hat (Doha, Qatar)
Cloche Hat (Dubai UAE)
Fedora Hat from H&M (Dubai UAE)

THOUGHTS: Happy 1st Birthday!!!
Growing up, my dream was to be a lawyer (wow!) But somewhere along the way, I realized that court and cases weren't easy for me. Becoming a lawyer was not exactly a realistic life dream for me. Instead i turned into numbers, and engineering. Something I am good at, though not as good as Einstein and Newton, but I enjoyed to do. So here I am today, sitting here working as Civil Engineer doing Final Account Agreement of several subcontractors for an Airport Project.
So maybe, my destiny is to become an Engineer. Yet, I know that I still have hidden interest with Arts. anything that has something to do with Arts and subjective matters. Something that does not require formula to perform. So I tried to enrich my little knowledge about these things and start to improve my skills. I enrolled in basic Photography when I was in Dubai to gain more knowledge with my SLR, I enrolled in basic Graphics Design Course to elevate my skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. And since I love events planning, I took an online course for Wedding Planning. And now, I am an occasional blogger. Not a famous as you, but I love writing, and writing helps me express what I feel, i think and I see. For me, writing is sharing your inner thoughts and transfer them from thoughts to words.
These things might be simple in the eyes of other people. But aside from being a Licensed Engineer, these things made me happier. Things that made me smile and gives more confidence because I know I can handle them.
Technically speaking, dreams are not always about just dreaming. But rather, dreams are something you usually gravitate towards. I may not be the best blogger, events planner, nor best photographer and graphic designer, but at least I figured it out what I am good at - even more so, things that I like doing.
it is okay to dream big - it's human nature. But make sure that you are ready to fight for it, and turn them into reality.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

THOUGHTS: Free Movie Night at Four Seasons Hotel

One way to spend you weekend :)

Last Thursday, I was searching online where are we gonna spend our weekend. Are we gonna shop? (wow, palibhasa sweldo har har!) Go to Qatart handmade Market? Hmm this is fine, but considering the weather? Hmm erase. :D what else? Fridate? A Movie date? Yeah, a movie date will be fine.

Sad to say, when we checked the movies, I didn't find any catchy nor interesting movie. So I started to look for other options. Then came Doha Four Seasons Hotel’s “Movie Night”. This one caught my attention so I read the full details. The featured movie catch Me if you Can will be shown on a Jumbo LED screen on April 25 at 8:00 in the evening. Call 4494-8013 and make a reservation since there are limited seats available. And it’s free! Well just buy some popcorn and hotdog sandwich if you want to. And since it is inside the Hotel premise, Beer and wines are allowed, so why not, ayt? After all, Catch Me If you Can is a very good movie. =)

Although I tried the same thing when I was in Dubai, watching free movie in a Jumbo LED screen in Wafi City on your chosen bean bag, a slice of pizza and soda, this time I'm gonna watch a free featured movie together with my hubby. Coz honestly, it feels relaxing and comfy, even if the movie is not the latest one (I've seen this film twice actually). You should also try next time while the weather is still good, since they are doing this at the Garden Terrace.

Opps! Sorry for the messy photos below. +_+

Fridate Movie Date!

Hmmm, Relaxing....
And the movie begins...

Thursday, 24 April 2014

EVENT: Qatart Handmade Market is ON!

If you don't have any plans yet this weekend, why not try this event? Especially if you love novelty items, crafts, and arts.

The second edition of the handmade art market will be held at the Katara Art Studios Courtyard- Building 19 on April 25 from 3pm to 8:30pm.

A wide variety of handcrafts including jewelry, illustrations, craft kits, clothes, home decors, photography, handcrafted cards and homemade food and party supplies will be presented and sold. Entry is free to the public, and more information can be found here.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Pardon me for not having so much blogs these past few weeks. Bunch of papers are keep on visiting my work station. This frustrates me as days pass by. Half of these crap are not originally mine. But, do I have a choice? No, ayt?! so just let it be. :D

Anyhow, speaking of CHOICE', couple of months ago, me and my husband got our first ink. It is actually our choice to have something in common behind our skin. It's a compass-like tattoo with our wedding anniversary on it, and we are so happy about it. It's painful, but we chose a less painful part of the body.

But lately, we want a new tattoo. And we are thinking where would that be, and what design are we going to choose. But before you decide what design you wanna have, it is important to assess yourself first if you really want to have a tattoo. make a decision for yourself and do not let others influence you:

Okay let's assume that you are already decided to get your first ink. The second question - WHERE? This is the right time to check the "map of pain". This diagram shows the level of pain and the 'expressions' that you might say:

Being a tattoo virgin, you should know and understand these things first. Always remember, you will be the one to have a tattoo and have it in your body forever. Choose wisely, what design you wanna have for the rest of your life. Don't forget that it is permanent and not just a henna or sticker tattoo. So while you are thinking, choosing, and researching, let me share with you our nest tattoo, see you soon in an inky world!

My Future Wrist Tattoo - "CROWN, ANCHOR, HEART, CROSS"


My Husband's Future Tattoo - 3D PUZZLE

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

EVENT: Azkals in Qatar, Again! (FREE Entrance)


Lets Cheer for our very own AZKALS Team kontra Team Nepal...
Plus Ms. Kitchie Nadal!
April 11, 2014@ Al Arabi Stadium
Gates open at 3:30 PM
Please call us@ 4441 5248 or visit us in our showroom located at Badriya Signal beside Jollibee Bin Mahmoud. Doha Trendsetters will be there at the venue to sell our AZKALS SOUVENIR SHIRTS- Let us support our Philippine Pride- Let us all wear the AZKALS souvenir shirts!!!!

FREE BUS PICK UP POINTS with complete list of contact persons for your reference. ALL BUSES SHALL LEAVE AT 1PM

1. Industrial Area / Al Attiya - 2 buses
Location: CBQ Parking Area, Al Attiya Market
Contact person: Justine Burgos /30194618...
Joel Urdanza / 33210747
David Monteroso/ 77639627

2. Al Khor - 1 bus
Location: Al Khor Mall
Contact person: Rodel Zamora / 70086491

3. Wakra - 1 bus
Location: EZDAN Village Gate 28
Contact person: Herbert Bautista/77674119
Ryan Giman / 30255828

4. Shahaniya - 2 buses
Location: Man Enterprises accomodation
Contact person: Claro Pana / 55974058

5. Sailiyah - 2 buses
Location: Aject Engr. accomodation
Contact person:Marlon Galicia / 55043375

Saturday, 5 April 2014

PROMO: Toshiba Single Door Fridge for Sale! (SOLD)

Hello Kabayans!

We are selling our Toshiba Color Curve Series Single Door Refrigerator (Model GR-S215 Gray Color).

Although it is not a no-frost fridge type, GR-S215 has a non-CFC compressor which makes it an environmentally friendly appliance, minimizing you carbon footprint.

Cool Air Wrap is also available as a new feature which deodorizes and circulates air from the rear of the fridge where it is cooler and fresher, maintaining a pleasant-smelling fridge, even if you load it up with variety of sea foods.

And with a Super Direct Cooling System and automatic temperature control, this Toshiba GR-S215 refrigerator ensures that your foodstuff is preserved at ideal temperature levels. The wired shelves allow even ventilation throughout the fridge as air simply passes through the bars between a shelf and another.

With -
a very light weight and spacious in the inside 
the unit was used by a couple for only 16 months.

And since one of our hobbies is pigging out, 
we decided to sell this unit for only 500.00QAR (slightly negotiable) and buy a bigger one to accommodate our sweet cravings. 
The unit still looks new and is in excellent working condition. 
With no hidden issues, Toshiba GR-S215 is a real Energy efficient and super power saver!

Model GR-S215 (210L)
Size (L x W x H) 55.6 x 56.2 x 124.2
Weight 33kg
Color Silver
Uses & Properties Freezer room capacity: 31L
Cooling room capacity: 154L
Automatic retracting door bars
Cooling system: Super Direct Cool
Temperature control: Automatic
Defrost control: Semi-Automatic
5 years Compressor Warranty
Voltage 220 - 240V 50Hz

You can check the lower photo, in which as of today, Lulu price is 799.00QAR (with out any free voucher).

Please take a look at the pictures, and if you are interested, you can send a message on my facebook account, and we are happy to accommodate your inquiries.

Thank you.


Apologies for blurry photos, I just used my camphone, edit a little bit and post them. +_+