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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

EVENT: Happy Hats! :)

“Naku, Mommy / Daddy na yan, kj na yan sa mga ganyang celebration..”

Sorry my dear, but you are absolutely wrong.

When we had a meeting about our upcoming Christmas Party at Aspire Grand Cafe, I was never hesitant to say what I want to happen with the party. Why? Because for me, CFC Community is the coolest, most jologs, and always ready on the go. That’s the reason why me and my hubbydoo enjoyed preparing for the party.

We asked them to wear couple / family outfit wearing their best hats and they absolutely did! Polancos Family even bought their family hat to match their stripey stripes family outfit, and to bring out the party’s theme “CHRISTMAS IN OUR HATS!”
How cool is that? J

We had 5 fun fun fun games and we really enjoyed it! Feeling bata, looking bata xempre!

Food is not a problem as well. It’s a potluck Party and each couple is delighted to bring out their best luto ever!

Anyhow, there is a saying “A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS..” and we have lots of them. Just stop, look, and enjoy!