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Friday, 1 April 2016

THOUGHTS: Celebrate Life in Qatar (A Demi-Decade Existence)

FIRST QATAR PHOTO: April 2011, SOJV Matar Qadeem Accommodation
On reflection on my demi-decade in Qatar, my husband and I both agree that we’ve learnt a lot from our expat escapade.  We have enhanced our skills in interior design (the ability to furnish a new house in a day, mostly second-hand, thanks to Souq Haraj and Expats weblogs and websites), extra-advance planning (buying Christmas presents in March), and becoming a fervent fan of sales, promotions and special offers.

My husband came here in Qatar in 2010 and we worked together at Hamad International Airport Project. at first, It was difficult since I was used to live my life alone. This isn’t actually the first time I worked abroad. Been to Vietnam in 2007 and UAE from 2008-2011, so practically, I know how to be independent. But eventually, of course we learned to do things together.

DREAM HOUSE: Casa WRTeves Living Room, September 2015
Got a veerry nice job, a very good offer and benefits, a very nice career experience. Because of that, we had our joint savings, got our dream church wedding and start our lives together. 2 years after the wedding, we started planning our dream home. And just last year, It was a big success! My family in Cabanatuan NE moved in and we just had a house warming.

UAE: Eid Holiday 2015 and 3rd Wedding Anniversary Celebration
And since we already completed our dream home, it’s time for some relaxation. Last Eid Holiday, we went to UAE and let my husband experienced the vast beauty of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I became his personal (and sweetest hahah!) tour guide.
This year, we already started a small business, called ARTistique HUE (PRINTerest Advertising). That’s actually what I really want, arts arts arts! I am over quota working as Civil Engineer lol! And of course this business will be managed (as in from marketing to designs to financial aspects, siya lahat! :) ) by my younger sistah, she’s good at it, believe me:) we’re also planning to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary in – Maldives! Cross Fingers!! We hope we can find a very good deal.

ANNIV BREAKFAST CELEBRATION: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Al Mana Towers
Life in Qatar is a lot different compare to what I had in Vietnam and UAE. More difficult and strict yet simpler and happier. I enjoy the place, the people, including my husband of course, the simplicity of life, the value of money, the things happening around me. Everything. Maybe, we will go to other countries just to unwind and relax. But definitely, we will retire from Qatar, go home and stay together in my hometown… +_+