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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

THOUGHTS: Side A Band, Nina, and the Sizzling Brownies

Side A and Nina in Qatar: One Night Only
Obviously, Nina and Side A Band are two of finest singing artists in the Philippines. Kaya naman when I've learned that they will have their concert here in Doha, and my college friend offered tickets, xempre gora na agad ang lola nyo. Me, Pardz and Bunso, together with 3 others, reyding reydi na sa pagpasoks a Al Gharaffa Sports Club, or so we thought - Delayed by 3 freaking hours ang concert!

Organizers said that they were not informed of the basketball game, same time with the concert. They even had spokespersons, they call themselves as USHERS, nungka, babae kaya sila. Hours passed by, but no information was given to the crowd. Organizers were not really organized. They should have informed the crowd the moment they knew that there will be some delay. They should have tell us to go on a queue according to our tickets, and not like this:

"sa left po and ladies, sa right po ang gents!"
Then another one said: "4 na linya po tao, 4 na linya!"
Then another one said: "dun po sa kabila, pwede po kayong pumasok habang naghihintay, pero lalabas din po after ng basketball game..."

Ang ending, isang linya lang, para sa lahat ng audience.
The Super Audience! Front Bleacher
The Super Audience! Side Bleachers
Si ateng, galit na galit na sa kabilang line, asking for a ticket refund, which is impossible. Buti na lang, me and my friends considered the venue as casual and not formal so we all wore comfy get ups. I pity those girlash who attended the concert, wearing floral mini dress (yes, it's floral!) , and a 3in high heels. Goodluck naman.  3 long hours of waiting, pagpasok namin sa gym, walng chairs na available! Ang ending, we sat down on the carpet from 9PM-12MN! Kawawang 250QAR and 200QAR, they were expecting that we will still be organized inside. Unfortunately, kaming mga 150QAR, sinwerteng naunang nakapasok, and napunta sa harap! Yihaa!!!! Sorry Guys, i thik it was first come first serve... :D
Joey Generoso - Lead vocals, guitar and Leevon Cailao - Lead guitar, vocals

Philippines' Soul Siren, NINA

Nevertheless, we tried our best not to be affected by the flaws and glitches. We just had fun, fun, fun!  Kahit na yung FREE sizzling brownies eh hindi na na avail for free, dahil malamang hindi na yun sizzling. It's a very good experience indeed. Cheering with a great crowd, and singing with a premiere artists in our country. Good job Nina and Side A!!!

For the organizers, well, try to be organized next time. We don't blame you for the glitches, but at least, learn how to pacify the crowd. That's important. Be part of the crowd, without telling "VOLUNTEER LANG PO KAMI DITO, AT WALA KAMING BAYAD NA NAKUKUHA..."

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