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Saturday, 10 January 2015

EVENT: Year End Party with Pinoy Mafia

I know it’s kinda late for this article to be posted since “1 year” had already passed, lolz! Nevertheless, this event is worth to be shared as this is the first party that I celebrated with a bunch of crazy people of Doha Metro Project – Major Stations. :)

Let’s start with the preparation.

We conducted some very informal meetings, doing brains storming, exchanging wild and funny ideas, until we ended up to have a “whiteflower Year End Party exclusive for Pinoys Only. Then we started to settle everything – venue, time, motif, exchange gift amount, Monito Monita, souvenirs, and finalizing other important details for the event.

And so the party begins.

The Venue
The Décor, Sweets Section and Photowall

The Souvenirs

The Kabayans

The Yummy Food and Dinner Time

Fun Games & Winners
Charade with a Twist
I am Talong Ranger
Donut Buy!
The Raffle Draw
And I won the 2nd Prize :D
The Exchange Gift

Priceless Moments

Special Thanks to the Following:

Creative Team:
Rai Teves, Rylona Macol, Joanne Dollente, Leona Bunao, Krizza Juan

Mistress of Ceremony:
Melanie Bo

Game Masters:
Rai Teves and Erfel Ordoñez

Official Pitikero:
Erwin Bayot

Diamond Sponsors:
Engr. Jerico Alimasag of IESCO for the raffle prizes
Ms. Catherina Poblete for the 3rd, 2nd and Grand Prizes
Engr. Nilo Pineda for the game prizes

Major Sponsors:
Al Rawnaq for the Souvenirs and Prizes
Crystal Palace for the Party Venue
Asian Chef for the Creamed Fish Fillet Menu
Inihaw Republik for the Chicken Barbecue

Co-Sponsors (Xoxal diba, may co-sponsors!)
SOQJV for the Print outs, Gift wrapping papers and Photowall Booth & Props, scotch tape, stapler, staple wire,scissors, A4, A3, glue, and transportation Services

Until Next Year Guys!

We will try to be more prepared and give you more exciting and more fun celebration!!!