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Thursday, 2 July 2015

THOUGHTS: Happy Tip, Happy Trip!


“The World is  a Book. And those who do not travel read only one page…”
~St. Augustine~

I don’t consider myself as a frequent flyer, although I’ve been to several countries already. And although everyone aspires to pack light, being a girly girl (note: girly girl with kikay kit, and everything else!), it wasn’t so easy for me, BUT, it wasn’t a difficult one for me either. Call me an organize freak, but hey! I always go around with a checklist. Ask anyone who knows me, and you will hear from them, either organize, or madiwara! :D

Vietnam - 2007
China - 2008
Hongkong - 2008
Oman - 2009
Singapore - 2010

United Arab Emirates - 2008/2011
The first time I travel abroad was in 2007, going to Hanoi Vietnam, with Connecting Flight from Ho Chi Minh City. Excitement runs thru my veins and not blood vessels anymore. But since travel checklist is a necessity for me, I never had a hard time thinking what to and what not to bring.

Qatar - 2011/Present
And since I am now married to a wonderful man, I need to double my strength and powers when it comes packing our stuffs, so I need to be more establish with the things and more careful as we have so many differences – even toothpaste and body soap are different. So I made this personal travel packing checklist for an easier listing, especially made for both of us.
PardzMadz Personal Travel Packing Checklist

Of course, you may or may not bring everything in this list. But generally, these are the important things that you can considering when traveling, whether out of town or out of country.
For Everyone's Use :)

I hope this will help a lot.

And oh, you can download the form if you want to, without our cartoonish photo of course, this is just to add personal touch :). Place your cutie patootie picture on the same space, and you are good to go girl!

Till my next HAPPY TIP, HAPPY TRIP blog.