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Sunday, 21 June 2015

FASHION: Louis Vuitton Hot Stamping

It took me 1 month before making another post for my blogsite. It was not actually “not anything in my mind” It’s just that I am waaayyyy too busy these past few weeks, leaving me with no time to write something for my site. Thank God, and Allah, It’s already Ramadan, now I have so much time to pen something new.

I wrote this entry not to brag but rather help you guys out there not to miss this complimentary service a luxury bag store offers which not everyone is familiar with. For me, I already knew about this service BUT not as a COMPLIMENTARY service. So when I finally learned that this is free of charge, I immediately asked my husband to take my bag and his wallet to Louis Vuitton Villaggio here in Doha.

I actually brought my LV bag 18months ago. I stick with the same Damier Ebene, same as what I have given to my mom 3 years back, hers is a Neverfull, while I got Speedy 30 for myself. And for my hubby, a Gray Damier Wallet. Everybody knows that LV's prices are too high compared to other bags that you can purchase. But I believe having at least 1 LV product will be fine… LV does not go on sale, plus there is no Outlet Shops. Maybe these are just few reasons why LV products are costly. Not to mention the quality of materials and workmanship which will surely last for a lifetime.

So going back on the hot stamping story, we went to LV Villaggio Boutique. Oh by the way, If you will request for a hot stamping on any LV products, they will require you to show the receipt. Afterwards, they’re gonna give you a claiming stub. According to the Sales Executive, it will take 2-3 days to finish it. We will just receive an SMS message that is ready for pick up. God, can’t wait to see it done, wee!!!

Unfortunately, the SE used my old mobile number and I didn’t received any SMS on the second day. Nevertheless, we went to the Mall on the 3rd day and voila! Hahah there you go girl!

Me and my hubby both used WRT = Wil (that’s my hubby’s name) Rai (that’s me!) and T for Teves. And that’s how my La Bolsa now. It’s so funky, personalized and it’s so me!

The negative side of it though is that, you can never sell it anymore unless you have the same initials who will adopt the hot stamping. But hey! Why are you gonna sell something that is totally you, and reflect your personality? Keep it girl…

Until next time, bye bye!