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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

PLACES: UAEscapades 2015! (Part 1/5)

Last Eid, me and my amazing hus-buddy visited UAE together, for the first time. I actually worked in Dubai for more than 2 years before I transferred here in Qatar and found a better employment. But even though It wasn’t my first time, I was so excited also since this is the first time that we will go out of the country.

Anyhow, I just arranged a simple itinerary for both of us. No need to get a travel agent for a very obvious reason, “Lakwatsera ng UAE in the House, Yo!” hehehe

Day 01 17th July 2015, Friday

Departure from Hamad International Airport, Doha Qatar at 10:00AM (Qatar Time) via Fly Dubai
Arrival to Dubai International Airport, Dubai UAE at 12:00nn (UAE Time)

Starbucks on Board... :)
From the Airport, we went straight to Time Square Dubai to check in, and leave our things. This hotel actually is just 5minutes from Al GHurair Center, the olderst shoping centre in Dubai, with a very good amenities and there’s wifi everywhere. Its’ convenient if you want to walk, buy something, eat, watch some movies or just seat and enjoy some coffee with your friends.

Afterwards, the fun begins! First Booking we had is at the Dubai Aquarium at The Dubai Mall. It isn’t’ actually required but advance booking is a lot better than going on to queues for a couple of minutes. We got the “The Explorer’s package” for 200.00AED each. Pardz called it “The Batibot Package” hahaha!

After Dubai Aquarium, we opted to go to TGIF for our late lunch/early dinner since we still have to go to At The top booking at 5:30 in the afternoon.

We entered at The top entrance hall 15 minutes before 6:00. On this activity, I recommend to make an advance booking because buying ticket on the spot is way too expensive compare to getting an advance reservation online. 125.00 AED for the non-sunset timing, 200AED for the sunset timing, and 300.00 for fast track. Or you can log on to  for further details. People are everywhere though we already expected it since it’s Eid Holiday.

At 9:00 in the evening, we headed to Al Ghurair mall for our last itinerary of the day. We met my Upper and Middle Household during my service in Singles For Christ Dubai Chapter. Chit chat over a cup of coffee. So nice to see these guys again!

Sign Off… zzzzz