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Saturday, 8 August 2015

PLACES: UAEscapades 2015! (Part 5/5)

Day 05 21st July 2015 Tuesday

The last day of our UAEscapades. We woke up early, went to Al Ghurair, bought some Dubai shirts (which are highly in demand hahah!). afterwards, we had our big breakfast meal, and went back to the hotel.

By 12nn, we checked out and went straight to the Airport. Our flight was 4:00 in the afternoon. But for some reason, it was delayed by an hour. Nevertheless, it didn’t affect us. We enjoyed and we had fun even if we are just inside the waiting area.

Our experience is really light and cool and memorable. This is actually the first time wherein we visited other country. We still have plans to go back, and visit other countries. But for now, we will cherish first our trip called UAEscapades2015!