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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MOVIE: The Conjuring, Tara Hide-n-Clap tayo!

Theatrical Poster

Hellraiser, texas chainsaw massacre, wrong turn, saw, scream, Nightmare at the elm Street, Jason X --- think of any movie or movie franchise na habulan, gulatan, takutan, sigawan --- I think I’ve already watched them all. Kahit na singluma pa ng betamax at VHS ang kopya dahil luma na talaga ang movie (like hellraiser), keri lang. Then I sved them all in my 1TB hard drive na ngayon ay 12GB na lang yata ang space.

So when “The Conjuring” reached Qatar – yup literally reached, dahil minsan late ang screening ditto --- I asked Pardz to accompany me to watch it on a wide screen. But since I went to training center last weekend, and had some appointment last Sunday and Monday, we decided to watch it on Tuesday, which is last night.

Okay. So we entered the cinema, and prepare myself. Yeah right, matatakutin ako kahit mahilig akong manood ng ganyang films. Taas paa sa loob, kesahodang may lokal o artista dun, keber! Same same lang nman ang binayad nmin, parepareho nman kaming magugulat sa movie later on. :D

Poster Released for Marketing

The first poster that was released for this film is not “quite related” to the whole plot. It is not about the doll named “Annabelle”. You know the movie Amityville? Before there was Amityville, there was Harrisville. A story of a family haunted by evil witch named Bathsheba Sherman. Vera Farmiga did a great job by playing Lorraine Warren. Far better than her performance as a mom in “The Orphan”. And Patrick Wilson played as good as his role in “Insidious.”

What makes the movie different from the others, is that it is all about faith, family and good memories. It’s not about group of friends went on a camp, suddenly some turmoil happened. In this movie, there are no such thing, There are no “safe-na-si-bida-then-biglang-katabi-yung-moomoo-sabay-sigaw” scene. No scrap scenes like that. This is a kind of movie wherein unti unti kang tatakutin, which is veeerryyyy effective! And they are saved by love and believing in God (although Perron Family ddidn't have any religion during those times, but Ed and Lorraine strongly rely on HIM). Walang gangsters, walang magic, walang spells. No machetes and chainsaw. But the best thing I like about the movie is that it the whole movie was in set in the 70’s based on a True Story, with no high technology around such as cellphones to call for help. It’s really cool. The film that is based on a True Story is really a plus factor considering that it is all about supernaturals and devilish thing.

Here are some photos related to the film:

The "Reel" and Real Perron Haunted House
 Oldest surviving photograph of the Harrisville Perron haunted house

 The Harrisville Perron haunted house

 Inside the Harrisville Perron haunted house

 The door leading into the cellar of the Harrisville Perron haunted house
 The cellar of the Harrisville Perron haunted house

 Gravesite of Bathsheba Sherman

 The Perron Family

Psychic researchers Lorraine and Ed Warren

 Carolyn Perron looking out of a window of the home

Lorraine Warren and Vera Farmiga

(Back row l-r) The real Perron sisters Cindy, Nancy, April, Christine, and Andrea with (front row l-r) actors Mackenzie Foy, Hayley McFarland, Kyla Deaver, Joey King, and Shanley Caswell.

You can read the full TRUE story here

So for me, I highly recommend this movie. Watch this tonight, or this coming weekend and feel some chills and thrills on your head. At pagkatapos, play with your friends – “Hide-n-clap” hehehehe.

Just always remember:
“Pag natulog tonight, siguraduhing magkumot ng tight” >_<

Personal Rating: 9.50/10.00
A very good film to watch tonight.