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Sunday, 6 October 2013

FACT: The Real Winners Emerge

If you remember my blog site about the young guy from University of the Philippines who committed plagiarism for submitting someone Else's photo in a competition (click HERE for the link), from the said nationwide scandal, emerged three new winners of the Calidad Humana “Smiles for the World” photo-essay contest.Al

though basically, only one of them is the "new" winner since the previous 2nd place was announced as the new 1st place, same with the previous 3rd place who rose as 2nd place this time.

Businessman Medrado Marquez announced as the new TOP winner of the said competition. He received 1000USD, a roundtrip ticket to Chile and Brazil, and a high end mobile phone. These prizes were returned by Mark Joseph Solis. Solis was stripped of the title after he was found to have plagiarized somebody else's photograph.

First prize winner of the Calidad Humana “Smiles for the World” photo-essay contest. Photo by Medardo Marquez

Marquez’s winning photograph was that of three shirtless boys with missing teeth taken more than 10 years ago. He captioned it with the message: “We may be naked and toothless, but we are blessed for our spirits are undaunted and our laughter pure. We are children of Filipino earth. Our smiles brighten up every dark cranny in the land.” Marquez said those children in his photo should be big and with teeth by now, but he would always be reminded of man’s innate goodness each time he sees little ones smile.

Second place winner of Calidad Humana photo contest. Photo by Hannah Maria Reyes.
Moving up 1step, from 3rd to second place is Hannah Maria Reyes. Reyes' entry was taken in 2012, a photo of a granny from the Butbut tribe in Kalinga, Apayao who was covered with tattoos. She titled her work “The Happiness in Our Skin” and said “Filipinos fluently speak the most important language—smiles. She received 600 USD and a mobile phone. Coincidentally, Reyes is a batch mate in UP of the self-confessed plagiarist Solis.

Third place winner of the Calidad Humana photo contest. Photo by Arnold Jumpay.

Arnold Jumpay, the new third place winner, received $400 and a mobile phone. His photo featured four senior women from Banaue which he titled “Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Of Lines and Smiles”. Jumpay said unlike many modern women, the elderly Ifugao women love their sun-baked skin and tobacco-lined teeth and proud of their tribal colors. They offered unbridled smiles, rendering their eyes more linear as they posed for the photo, Jumpay added.

As for Mark Joseph Solis case, the ambassador has accepted his apology and convinced him to participate in the social programs of Calidad Humana as a way of redeeming himself. The embassy will no longer press charges against Solis, who is still the subject of investigation by the UP, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and an attached agency of the Office of the President.

If  some of you who doesn't know the full story, please click HERE