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Monday, 21 October 2013

THOUGHTS: 4th Eid Day is Dhow Cruise Day

It's 4th Day of Eid, and my last day of Holiday, sigh... So we decided to make the day worth waiting for. My buddy hubby actually joined his KEO colleagues when they planned to experience Dhow  Cruise a week before the long Eid holiday. And because we haven't tried it yet, we gave it a shot. we said yes. and everything is settled.

Call time is 7:00 in the morning at their office near Toyota Signal. I woke up so maaga (6AM!!!). In "my reality" 6:00 in the morning is my 3:00 in the wee hours of morning. Madaling araw pa lang saken yun, and Pardz know that ever since hehehe. But because wala namang choice ang Lola nyo, got no other choice but to - "Bangon, Banyo, Bihis, Bira!" hahaha! Kesa maiwan pa kami ng grupo, sayang din diba. :) All in all, we are 28 in the group, plus 7 (charge free) kids. we paid One adult pays 145.00QAR including food.

At 7:30AM, we're already at the Corniche. 15 minutes more and we're good to go, or sail rather. At dahil maaga pa literally, punta agad ang lolo at lola nyo sa balcony hehehe (kaya eto, sunog ako ngayon Lmao!). We spent almost 1 hour before we reached the small island. There, we had picnic, picture taking (na hindi pwedeng mawala) swimming (though hindi kami nagswim, nakakahiya kasi sa sasakyan, nakihitch lang kami, babasain pa nmin hehe!) We stayed in the island unti 12:30 noon. Mejo mainit na so, kelangan nang gumora ang grupo. :) At 2:00 in the afternoon, we are already home.

It was fun. another experience, although mejo mainit pa, pero worth trying. :) Besides, we got nothing to do, sayang ang holiday kung hindi mo susulitin. Some says, it's a bit expensive. But we didn't mind. We are after the experience and meeting new people and have some fun. Money will come and go, and come, and go. But experiencing things and have fun with it, IT'S PRICELESS.

And that was my holiday is all about. 
The Dhow Cruise Churva, may balcony, xoxal na xoxal hahaha

Museum of Islamic Arts
Si Koya Koya naghihintay kay Dyesebel :D
We reached the Island in less than an hour

Oha, Bora Bora lang ang peg :D
Another batch of peeps who wants to experience Daytime Dhow Cruise
Ang Huling Lata ng Fanta, char!
They look so cute!
Syempre, eextra din kami ng habibi ko :D, pero konti lang hahahaha!
Feeling bagong dating sa Qatar, watawat kung watawat ang trip haha!

Ako Muna :D
Si Buddy Hubby naman :D
Ako Ulet!
Siya na Naman!
Pagod na si Pardz, nag FB na lang sa sulok hahaha!

More to come,

Rai +_+