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Sunday, 26 May 2013

MOVIE: A Non-Spoiler Review for Fast & Furious 6

Yeah, this is definitely a SPOILER-FREE review because it JUST opened at the cinemas worldwide last Friday, and definitely most of you hasn’t seen it yet. And since it’s going to be another heist film with fast cars, watching it in IMAX will be a lot cooler, even if its in 2D format, so let's talk about Fast & Furious
Anyhow, yeah, we went to Villaggio Mall, and sobranggg jampack! Villaggio allotted 3 screens for the movie, and guess what, almost all seats were taken since morning. Luckily, there are 2 seats still available at the IMAX Theater for 5:00 showtime so we purchased the tickets right away. It’s not the best seat but good enough to park our butts for 2hours.
And then the 2 hours of our day began… and ended with the credit roll… (safe kwento right? I told you, no spoilers here hehehe).

Well for me, It is hard to believe that a 2001 simple action film about illegal street racing would gain huge popularity resulting to 6 sequels (and counting). The story itself is not so different from any other – they retired, then they need to do same old things due to some reasons, then chase one another, and then get what they want and won in the end. But the good thing is, the innovation of stunts and visual effects are becoming more and more effective. The presence of sense of humor makes the movie far greater than other Fast and Furious movies. Plus the development of fast cars which undeniably, anyone can see those will say “wow!, whattacar!”

It’s doesn’t have a heavy storyline that will make you cry or even sob. And it is so nice to have Michelle Rodriguez back since she only appeared in photographs in Fast 5 after she “died” in FF4. So generally speaking, this film entertained us a lot. Rotten tomatoes  gave it 72% approval rating means, the film received positive reviews from the critics. A very enjoyable movie for this week.

Just a sweet reminder:


“Dear Lord, Can you please release 7ast and 7urious next week? Can’t wait to see it on the big screen…”