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Thursday, 12 February 2015

EVENT: Qatar National Sports Day 2015

Qatar National Sports Holiday started in 2012 and for the first time, I experienced enjoying the real meaning of the word “holiday”. When I was working in my previous company, we have to go to the office whatever it takes since workloads are keep on piling up on our desks. Although overtime rates apply, sometimes, you just wish that you don’t need to wake up early and prepare for a daylong of suffering, hahaha!

But this year, thank goodness I finally experienced it!

Anyway just to make my entry short, my husband who is working in KEO went to Corniche at 8:30AM, while my officemate picked me up and we went to Wakra Stadium to join our company, QBC wearing our cutie patootie uniform. Volleyball, football (I think) and fun fun fun games like tower relay, ball relay and clip relay (meron b un hahah!). sad to say, we couldn’t stay longer as we also need to join the Sports Day of Our project, Samsung-OHL-QBC Joint Venture for Doha Metro Major Stations.

At 10:30 in the morning, we left the stadium and headed to Grand Hyatt Beach Garden. Though I went home first to go there together with my husband. At exactly 12:45Pm, we reached the venue. Fun games are keep on flowing, foods are awesome (although they served a bit late), kids are everywhere from Koreans with cutie chinky eyes to Spanish kiddos with rosy cheeks and blonde curly hair hahaha! they’re so cute! Sad to say (another sad to say huh…), we need to perform “EAT AND RUN” as we have to meet our former Airport colleagues and got to car Show in QNCC at 4 in the afternoon. (but hey, this is another story, I’ll make a separate entry about our visit).

I hope you guys had fun as well!! xoxo