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Sunday, 1 February 2015

EVENT: 29th Birthday at the 360deg Restaurant

My husband celebrated his 29th birthday 3 days back, but actually, he didn’t want to have a big and grand party. So, I tried to look for a fancy restaurant where we can have a dinner together, and it wasn’t a difficult thing to do so.

Pardz is not the type of person who wants grand events, and we are so opposite on that part. So we decided to had a dinner at 360 Restaurant. It is inside Qatar’s tallest hotel, at the 47th floor to be exact. 360degrees panoramic views across Doha at 300 meters high. Food is great, ambience is really good, and the price is just right. The reception is exceptional I must say.

But I won’t forget the manager or whoever that is, didn’t go to our table to ask if the food was okay. Well, I always expect that from hotels or fine dining restaurants. Maybe because we are Non-Westerns or Non-Europeans? I don’t know. I cannot tell either. The manager went to the couple behind me and asked them if everything is fine. After that, he went exactly on the next table, right behind my husband. Good thing, I appreciate the attendants more than the manager’s attitude. Choosy type, I don’t really care. Though it’s not a good customer service, we didn’t want to ruin that special night.

All in all, deleting the part of the manager’s presence, we enjoyed their service, the food, from valet parking to the concierge, and restaurant attendants. My husband was so happy and we will definitely include this experience on our collection of wonderful moments.