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Monday, 23 February 2015

MOVIE: That Thing called Tadhana

Give me 50 Pinoy Romance Movies that were shown 5years onwards and 1  some boring Hollywood Film, I’d rather choose that Hollywood Film. It’s not that I am xoxal highporifle type who only watch Pretty Woman and Easy A, that I don’t appreciate Tagalog Films. In fact I got several collections of LIno Borcka and Ishmael Bernal’s masterpiece. What I’m talking about is that I don’t consider watching romance films that are so new, because truth is they’re not new anymore. They are some of the victims of reduce-reuse-recycle formula combined with a very popular actors and actresses to assure a kabig-budget result.

But, thanks to this film “That thing called Tadhana”, my heart melts. Not because of those charming smiles by JM de Guzman, but the story itself is so moving and genuine. Though the idea of going out with someone you don’t really know makes me wonder if that would really happen. I even jokingly told my colleague if someone approaches her, remember 2 things – “kapag gwapo admirer, kapag panget, stalker.” Buti na lang gwapo si Anthony aka JM de Guzman. But the sensitivity of being broken hearted makes everything more realistic and convincing, and I was blown away.

Such a breath of fresh air compared to all those deliberately corny mainstream movies being made these days. Paulit ulit ang kwento. Think of A boy-meets-girl story, but in a very nakakalokang way. Imagine giving your thongs and undies to someone you don’t know your entire life just to save your ass from exceeding you luggage is quite interesting. Out of nowhere, you just decided to go to Baguio because you got drunk and Baguio is the first place that pop into your mind.

Such a very authentic script with a very authentic chemistry between Anthony and Mace. It leaves you hanging so that you will ask and crave for more. But that’s the best formula in this movie. You will ask for more. You will even make your own ending. Some people will say Mace won’t give her (ex) boyfriend a second chance. Some will say “of course! 8 year is 8 years, they can still work things out!”. But if somebody will ask for my opinion, I’d rather let tadhana do the right thing. After all, tadhana has its own way to make things right.

Cast: 8.50
Plot: 10.00
Visual Effects: 9.50
Average: 9.33

Just wanna share with you one short story made by one of my former colleagues in an online social network, “GREENMOON”. A very short story that will also leave you hanging, (baka nganga pa in the end).  

Pero on my next entry na ha +_+