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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

LEGAL: Philippine Election 2016, Who's Next?

During my pen-and-paper days, I was already involved with politics. My grandpop used to be a campaign manager and adviser of our municipal mayor for a couple of years. During the election, we used to distribute flyers, sample ballots and stickers, we always go to meeting de avance during the campaign period. That was 1992 election, when Ex-Pres Fidel V. Ramos won the election, or so it says on the result. But one popular personality, and I pity you if you do not know her, assumed that she won the 1992 Presidential election. You know now who she is? Yes. She is Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago.

I (partially) know how politics works. I was a representative, a college Auditor and University Treasurer during my college days. It wasn’t that easy to win the hearts of your co-students. They check your high school, your organizations, your achievements and everything about you before you convince them that you are deserving to be part of the student body. Because you will know their standards, and their willingness to involve themselves in selecting a good Student Officers that will govern them over the entire school year.

Five months from now, and another set of politicians from different corners of the Philippines will govern the country. The world is watching the Philippines closely and with great  importance. And while everyone is busy to register, I am busy looking for the achievements of our Presidential candidates. People should vote WISELY and RESPONSIBLY. Do not depend on other’s vote or decisions. And so, I found this web ( mentioning 10 qualities to look for in a Presidential candidate. Come take a look, ponder and decide. There actually 8 (un)official presidential candidates, although, let’s take a look on these 5 personalities.

10 Qualities to Look for in a Presidential Candidate

Integrity/ Honesty – Does your chosen candidate have a track record of being an honest person? Dishonest leaders had been voted into office before with great costs to the citizenry. Money stolen by a mendacious official is money earmarked for public infrastructures and services the citizens will never receive. A corrupt pilferer of government coffers should not receive any vote.

Ability to delegate – Has your pick demonstrated an executive ability to hire, supervise and monitor people? The president has the duty to pick and appoint upstanding people to the Executive Office of the President and the Cabinet. The government is a complex system with a lot of duties and responsibilities to its citizens that is dispensed through its various offices and departments. The President needs the ability to delegate, as he cannot do all the tasks needed to run a country by himself.

Confidence/Security– Does he/she exudes confidence and appears secure? A confident and secure leader has no problem believing and engaging others. He/she does not have the need for arrogance or feeling of superiority in order to convey his presence. As they say in the Southern US, “ If you have to tell someone you are a lady, chances are you’re not.” It is je ne sais quoi and someone with confidence and security radiates with it.

Communication Skills – Does he/she communicate his/her intentions effectively with people from all walks of life? Communication is done not only by speaking but also by listening. A good leader speaks in clear and concise manner and listens attentively. A good president will need communication skills to keep the citizens up-to date with the government’s performance, successes and failures as well as to find out what his constituents want or need from the government.

Sense of Humor / Positive Attitude – Does he/she smile a lot and not take himself/herself seriously? Is he/she able to diffuse a difficult situation by looking at its lighter side? A good-natured leader will often make better decisions, as he/she is not afraid to show his/her humanity in public.

Commitment/ Passion – Has he/she shown commitment and passion in her past jobs? Committed and passionate people make highly effective leaders, as they are tenacious and persistent. They will see to it that a goal is met and a vision is realized. Their focus and perseverance often pays off so betting on a committed and passionate candidate will likely yield positive results.

Ability to Inspire – Does he/she has achievements that motivate others to emulate? Is he/she sincere and forthright? The ability to inspire is an important quality, as people look up at the president as a role model. “Do what I say but don’t do what I do” will breed societal resistance and sanctimony.

Competence – Does he/she has the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities to govern a morally and fiscally insolvent country? A competent president does not need to be an expert in all theories and practices of public administration but he/she needs to be self-motivated and a fast learner.

Courage – Is he/she decisive and able to make tough calls when it’s needed? A courageous person is not fearless. He/she just has the ability to face fear, danger, pain, uncertainty, intimidation and other difficulties without warping or caving in. Calm self-assurance raises the level of confidence in one’s decisions.

Servant hood/Selflessness – Does he/she put people first as his/her priority? Does he/she eschew personal power and wealth building on the back of the masses? The president is still a public servant who is tasked to look after the well-being of the populace. He/she works for the citizenry and not the other way around.