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Monday, 6 May 2013

THOUGHTS: Celphones, Who's your Ancestor?

2 Days ago I feel so bored. So from out of nowhere, I suddenly asked one of my colleagues “Karen, anung unang unang nagging celphone mo?”, she said its “Alcatel. Ung nausong celphone kasabay ng Talk ‘n Text”, and she excitedly googled the “timeline” of her mobile phones, and everyone in the groupo follows.

From that moment, I was inspired to muse over who’s the ancestor of my phone I am currently using. So now, let’s start with my 1st ever mobile phone, ang ninuno ng Nokia – 
Nokia 5110 (1999) – it was a present from my mom actually. I told her “Ma, trade in tayo, wag ka ng magprepare for my debut, bilhan mo na lang ako ng celphone”. So when I had my Nokia 5110, naka isang timbang housing yata ako, umiilaw na antenna, and later on, pinapalitan ko pa ng full transparent casing, kita ang wirings, in na in! =)

Nokia 3310 (2000) – uso n ung walang antenna, so my mom bought me the latest one. Nakakaedit na ng tones, at mas madaming picture messages. Plus, nauuso na ang acetate, edi umuso tayo. Hanggang sa hindi na “in” ang 3310. But I used this phone for more than 4 years.
Nokia 5210 (2004) – uso na ang colored nun, so I bought CP na may kulay – kulay orange ang backlight, lolz! I used this phone for several months lang, kasi even though it’s magaan, mejo bulky sya due to its anti shock casing.

Nokia 3650 (2005) – I bought this CP na when I had my OJT and accepted set of plans for a resort. Saka I was going to Manila that time for my exams, dapat colored na talaga. This is also the 1st CP ko na meron nang memory card.

Nokia 8210 (2006) – I couldn’t remember the reason, bakit na demote ung celphone ko hahaha. But eniwei, I think it’s the size, kasi Nokia 8210 is so tiny, can almost slip inside the coin pocket. Kaso lang, I was working back then in Makati, kaya habang MP3 songs na ang message alert tone ng mga tao, ako naka standard pa din, kaya ayun, nakuntento na lang aq sa beep once. =))

Nokia 6670 (2006) – a very good opportunity came when my manager offered a job n Vietnam Branch, at dahil super grab ko na, me and my mom rushed into shopping centre para bilhan aq ng new celphone. Syempre dapat level up. kaso, after 3 weeks, nadukot sa MRT Ortigas Station, gee-are-are-are-are!!!

Nokia 3360 (2006) – at dahil naawa ang mama ko dahil iyak to death ako sa POEA (haha, ate remember this eksena???), binilhan aq ng 2nd hand na 3360. Well at least derecho na ang keypad, hindi na round dial like 3650. :D

Noka N76 (2007) – then I went to Hanoi Vietnam to work. At dun ko na inabangan ang latest from Nokia. And the moment they released it to market, one day pa lng, rush na kami ng officemate sa pinakamalapit na Nokia Hub. Good thing, it’s just a walking distance from our office. And when I came back to Philipipnes, pina G-mask ko pa para mas in. Until now, Temee (that his name) is still with me.

Sony Ericsson Aino (2009) – so I must break the Nokia Chain now. Well actually, hindi ako ang pumutol. I had a very generous friend in Dubai (or naawa na lang yata kay Temee), so she bought me this latest craze from Sony Ericsson. At bigtime kasi GB-GB na ang memory card, touch screen, 8MP cam pa.

Samsung 1080T (2011) – when I came here in Qatar, the first thing I did was to rush to the nearest phone hub and bought new sim and celphone. At since sabi nila ”this is the most popular”, I bought this, for only 70QR, my free prepaid load pa, that’s the reason why this CP is sooo popular. =)

Iphone 4G (2011) – for a simple reason, Iphone is the latest trend back then. So I bought 32GB white Iphone 4G.

Iphone 4S (2012) – for a simple (again), mas hi-tech hehe, so I upgraded into a 64GB. But after a few months lang, they released Iphone 5. Well, ayoko nang mag upgrade, enough na =)

So that’s the family tree of my mobile phones. It is so nice to reminisce these things, that while we are enjoying the most expensive, most popular celphones of today’s generation, for once in our lives, we also had a simple celphones, ung standard lang, polytones, limitado ang messages na pwedeng ikeep, may antenna, at picture message. Simple lang diba, hindikumkplikado, konti lang ang but buttons, but retains its original purpose - communication.