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Saturday, 22 June 2013

MOVIE: Superman, A Week of Waiting


Sorry guys for a zero-week blog last week. Been Busy for a couple of days ditching some bad elements trying to penetrate my happy days :D

And yeah, speaking of happy days, the movie Man of Steel opened a week ago here in Doha, but, afraid of the crowd who are expecting this movie since last year, we didn’t go to a movie house for a ticket. We just did yesterday, one week after the opening date in the Middle East.

Maybe some (or most) of you already watched Man of Steel, but my stand for a “Spoiler-Free” Review will still be the same. I guess simple opinion will do. So let’s begin.

I’m not a big fan of Superman, or Clark Kent - Lois Lane whirlwind romance, even the Smallville TV Series which lasted for 13 seasons (I guess). But watching this kind of film on a wide screen is an achievement. Why? Well, Supehero films nowadays give a shockwave to its audience, using an advance technology for the visual effects, making the “unreel” looks “real”, leaving the market with the words "That was sooo cool!" Sometimes, even the performance of the main character is not that good, it can be ignored due to presence of futuristic effects and high end screenplay techniques. Imagine Kansas, USA with severe infrastructure damages? SAbi nga ni Kuya Toots (a former colleague and husband of a very good friend) "Tara na sa USA mag apply tayo, madaming trabaho". :D

And that is what happened in this movie. Thanks to Ruselle Crowe, Lawrence Fishbourne and Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, all names are in the list of Academy Awards, Amy Adams who captured our hearts in the movie “Enchanted”, and Michael Shannon who happened to be an Academy Awards Nominee as well. How about Henry Cavill? He’s good, right? But maybe not as good as Brandon Routh when he played the same character couple of years ago. An all star (supporting) cast but I never felt the presence of Superman except when he flies all throughout the movie. He looks good, of course and there’s no doubt about it. But looking good should also have a convincing power that you are the real Man of Steel. Me? And the way he killed Gerenal Zod? I wasn’t convinced. I didn't see the super powers in him. Even an ordinary human being can do such killing thing. Him being the Superman is good, Him being just the “man” is a lot better.

The  movie is exciting though. Imax Theater in a 3D format? Wow. we just hope that this will not be a box office disappointment.

Personal Rating: 6.50 / 10.00