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Saturday, 21 December 2013

THOUGHTS: A Girl with a Depressed Thoughts

Parang "A Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" lang yung title ko... But anyways, yeah it's true, I am very (take note: VERY) disappointed with what happened this morning. Well it was last Thursday actually, though I am still waiting (and not losing hope) for a response from someone who is (quite) responsible for everyone's career road here in our company.

Just to share, I submitted one CV for Quantity Surveyor to my manager couple of days ago, hoping that he will give attention to that since we are losing manpower in our department. For quite sometime, we keep on asking him to hire additional force but nothing happens. he said project is already at the closing stage, and we cannot process visa for new employees. Okay, it's given, and it's fine.

Couple of weeks back, we just heard this information that one department received and increment (though I heard of that just recently), 2 reliable people told me the same thing. Recently, someone from our team, asked for a salary raise since her workload is increasing, but to no avail. All we did was to raised eyebrows.

Then from another department, hired 3 additional staffs with family sponsorship. Wow, it seems that we are seeing an opportunity to have new QS, so we informed our head about the latter.

One time, as I was browsing one Filipino group here in Qatar, I  saw this lady engineer, who is looking for QS job (which we really need), and mind you, she is under her husband sponsorship. I came up to this idea that we can check here abilities, and hire her (if has a chance), since she already worked in one .

I was so polite with my request to try her. But I received nothing. No information, no acknowledgement, nothing. It sucks...

Is he thinking that this is for my own good??? Partly yes, because all QS who left, they also left their jobs to us, and it keeps on piling on our table. Worse, you have to know them one by one, yet we have no enough time to do that.

Just a simple request... I don't know which one I'm gonna receive for the next few days - positive update with my request? or bunch of paperwork...