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Saturday, 15 February 2014

EVENT: 14-02-14 Lalab Day

Yesterday was a special day to everyone, especially to those who has special someone in their lives. Presence of the famous kilig factor is so everywhere knowing that they will get something sweet on that day.

Okay, xempre hindi nman ako papayag na mahuli, arte ko ba naman na ito hehahe. But actually, Pardz loves to give surprises. Thursday evening, when I told him to go to church on Friday instead on Thursday. So he said OK. So after office I went home. Pagdating ko, I was surprised kasi I’ve got flowers!!! Sobrang natuwa ako kasi I really asked for blue flowers. Sabi ko nga sa kanya lagi, flowers lang happy na ako.. =)

But It didn’t stop there. Last year kasi, he gave me necklace with turquoise pendant, akala nya, turquoise ang November birthstone, so we laughed it out na lang. Then again, he asked me “Nasan ba yung kwintas mong bigay ko?” So I showed it to him. Suddenly, he said “eto o, binilhan kita ng katerno ng necklace.” Earrings!! At blue again hahaha! Blue turqiouse with diamonds in it. I love my husband talaga. Then we had pizza movie night.

So I was feeling rattled na kasi I haven’t  bought any gift for him. Although we got his new Iphone 5S (at champagne gold tlga ang choice nya hehehe), it was like a Birthday gift slash Vday gift na din. But still, I want to give him something pa.

Applebees, Villaggio Mall
So Friday morning, My amo was making basag trip, lolz! He asked me and one of my colleagues to work half day. Kahit na I felt irritated, I have no choice din nman. So I was in the office from 8-1PM. Afterwards I went straight to the church to attend our CLP for Couple for Christ. At 4 in the afternoon, we left the venue and we headed straight to Villaggio Mall. We watched Robocop (movie review HERE) and then dinner at Applebee’s TGIF sana kaya lang, baka Feb 15 na, andun pa din kami kasi ang haba ng queue hehehe…

After dinner, he actually requested for a gym bag, so I bought him black Nike since he wants to attend gym and badminton clinic. Then I told him “Pardz hiwalay muna tayo ha, ikot ka, ako din mag iikot”, so ayun kinarir ko na ang paghanap ng watch, and I ended up with Skagen Titanium Watch. Okay na =) But then I saw this bracelet from one kiosk and reminded me of his lost bracelet, just the same as the one on display. Without any 2nd thoughts, binili ko na yung bracelet. Kasi I know he will like it more, maybe more than the wrist watch hahaha!
And  that is how we celebrated our Heart’s Day. No extravagant hotel bookings, or fancy dinner in an expensive restaurant.  Just a simple dinner, an action sci-fi film, and TRUE LOVE between me and my husband. For me, that is more than enough…<3