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Saturday, 1 February 2014

THOUGHTS: Year Round Aspirations

How time flies. Parang kailan lang, everyone celebrated New Year. Yesterday, Chinese New Year naman. Ngayon, February na. Hindi natin namamalayan ang pagdaan ng oras. why? Because we are busy. Everybody is busy. And admit it or not, we sometimes don't notice other things, things that are important to do, or important to have. Minsan, nakakalimutan natin. Maaalala na lang kapag naalala ng iba, or dumaan na mismo sa harap natin.

And so I thought, maybe I could do something for myself this year. Things, words and feelings that will remind me how I'm blessed I am, how lucky I am. Spread love, spread courage, spread faith. And for this year, I decided to names each month with something more special and unforgettable. And from these words, I will relate what I am gonna do on that month. :)

Joyful January

3 people that are so close to my heart celebrated their birthdays with me. First is one of my good friends since college (antic friendship that is!) as we had e very good dinner at L Wazaar and some hubbly bubbly time at Souq Waqif, second is my beautiful cool mom who joined the community of Senior Citizens (hahah! my discount na daw xa 5star at Baliwag Transit) still cool and sexy at sixty. And of course, my loving husband as we threw a surprise, simple yet special birthday party for him. Literally, my January is accomplished - my January is full of Joy...

Fearless February
February will be a crucial month for me. I need to make a life-death decisions. Although my husband's support and hands of God are working on me, I know that Scrutinizing every detail behind my plan is really necessary. So I named my February a 'Fearless Month". Strength and courage is all I need. whew! Kaya to!

Meaningful March

For some reasons, I always find March a flat month for me. Maybe because there are no extra ordinary occasion on this month than summer is on her way. So I made it "Meaningful March" so that March won't bore me. I haven't think of anything but traveling is the first on my list. Where??? It's gonna be a surprising one. *wink*

Assertive April
Yes, Assertive. Holy week falls in April and we need reminisce once more that God gave us everything we deserve, so I decided to name my April as Assertive month. Confidence is what I need to show to everyone that I am blesses and I have everything I deserve. Confidence will make me realize more that I am doing good. Haters will just pass my way and ignore them at the same time. :)

Magical May

Why magical? Kasi its Sanatacruzan? Buwan ng mga Bulaklak? hahahah! I love magic and tricks ever since I was a kid. Even in small peryahan or plaza, kering keri yan. Magic makes me feel younger. So this coming May, I will do something for myself for me to look younger and feel younger.

Jubilant June

Wow, Jubilant June. I want my June to be triumphant because it will conclude the first half of my 2014. For sure, there will be more challenges, oppressions and negative energies but I want, and I will defeat them all. So for June, Triumph will be my flag word. :)

Jazzy July

Here comes July, our anniversary. A simple explanation, this is our month, and it needs to be classy and jazzy at the same time. My husband, I know, he's already thinking how are we gonna spend our 2nd year as Mr. and Mrs. Teves. But I think I better plan ahead as well, starting today hahaha!

Avant Garde August

My favorite - Avant Garde - Thinking outside the box. Everyone knows, especially who are really close to my heart, I always want to be different - opinion, perception in life, decisions, art expression, especially fasyown. So I thought, August will be my (more) avant garde time for me. On this month, I will focus on everything that is unique, weird, different, stand out. I'm gonna focus on something that nobody will exect that it will stand out.. (Now I start to thin what will be that thing hahaha!)

Saucy September

Hmmm, Ber na, and 3 more months to go, Pasko na naman, But on this month, I want to spread and share to everyone (hopefully, if you will allow me), the spice and sauces of life. Yung tipong, everything that hurts us, cause us pains and sufferings, we will realize that they are the one who complete our lives. They are the people who bring us in a higher level. So from here today until 31st of August, to all my haters, and to all my fans with bitterness, oras nyo yan para saktan hahaha! Para naman kayo ang featured people sa buwan ng Setyembre ko, and you will know how lonely you are, and you are all just behind my butt, lolz!

Optimistic October

After September, here comes October, time for me to be more optimistic and show that hey! I'm stil heeeerrrreee..... :D I know some people who are continuously making my life their favorite telenovela. So I don't want to disappoint them. You know, like real teleseryes, after down, UP. After dusk, DAWN. After negativities, POSITIVITES. So this October, I will radiate possitive energies. :)

Nimble November
One more month to go, and 2014 will end, ahaha stupid me, kakasimula pa lng ng taon, tinatapos ko na agad. Anyway, Nimble November, Like I have said, nimble, being alert will be my shout out for November. Check every goal I set i accomplished them with flying colors, or they are just goal for the next year. This is the month for me to check if I left important things behind. I remember the movie Sweet November, before Sarah Deever died, she made sure that nelson Nelson's life will be in it's proper path, without any mess. That is why, I November is time for check-up, and alert myself of things that I might forget.

Dashing December

Striking, Stylish, Debonair - that is going to be my December, the last month of the year. Try to bring what's best in me, people with positive energies, things that make me glow, and radiate on others lives. Focus on what and who will push me up. But of course I won't forget those things, circumstances and most especially those people who are keep on trying to pull me down, because that is too obvious, they are just behind me, and it's up to them if they want to stay behind. I'm not gonna bring them with me but I am not gonna forget them, so that time will come, I will still have something or someone behind me, at mag pa Paris HIlton ang peg ko "Who is that again?!?!?" Sabay lingon sa likod.. :)