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"I can be your best friend but never your worst enemy because why bother making enemies when you can ditch them off, go on with what you do best and have an amazing life..."

Saturday, 7 June 2014

THOUGHTS: Define Raiza Joy...

God fearing, faithful to my husband, loving daughter, they're given hehehe. Seriously though, I love these descriptions to me, although I want people to know more about me. Even simple things. So while I was browsing earlier some quotes online, I bumped into this "keep calm" thing, and I found myself looking for best words that will fit my personality.

I am not a bigtime type of person. Apparently, I hate too much exposure. Yung tipong na saken yung attention, yeah I hate that. I remember when I was in high school, I took UPCAT and I applied for "Theater Arts" and Fine Arts Major in Advertising and 1st and 2nd choice respectively, my fiends teased me saying "wow! mag aartista si Jhoh!" (By the way, Jhoh was my nickname when I was in High school.) But then I answered them "Hndi ako aarte aq no!" The said "huh panu un?" I answered " sa likod ako, gusto ko s technical effects, scrrenpley, lighting effects, scripts and costume designs..." "aahhh okay" that's what thy said.

I did not pursue it though, kasi my Mom is a single parent. She cannot bear all the gastos even if the expenses in UP is so liit, talo naman sa allowance. So after In received the UPCAT result, i just said "Yehey" then count 1, 2, 3 sec, then swith off na! Haha! Because that time, I was planning to take Civil Engineering.

Eniweis, that is how I landded to this profession. But even if, I know that Arts is still part of my system. in fact, my mind is more malikot and playful in thinking what will be my next blog, rather than thnking what will be my next workload to finish hahahah!

So by Keeping yourself calm, AND DEFINE RAIZA JOY :D

I am not a bonggang fashionista, I am aware of that. But humbly speaking, at the age of 5, I already knew Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, Esprit, Benetton and Clarks shoes. Thanks to my mom who was working as nanny abroad. Beleive me, my first watch was an Esprit Analog, na hindi ko nman alam bumasa ng oras hahaha. But that's the start of my interest with the things that are hot and not, things that are in, and out. Sometimes, If I'm in the mood, I will wear and style myself the way I feel. I don't stick to what's in the media. Since fashion is evolving, I want a free style for myself. :)

Oh yes! Everyone knows that, hahaha! My mom, sisters, my husband, my friends. Colors make me feel happier, and brighter. You will see my shoes, accessories, clothes - they have different colors and hues. That is why my husband is so confused when he asked me " Madz anung sade ng paint ang gagamitin sa bahay? (Our house in NUeva Ecija is actually under construction now)... I answered him "black and white lang Pardz..." but before he uttered words, I told him right away "para malagya ko ng colorful accents..." hahahah boom panes! Yun pala yun :D

First, there was a defunct site called now there is an active blogspot called As I always say, I love reading blogs, reposting blogs, wrig my own blogs, and sharing my thoughts. For m, it's one way of releasing what is going on inside of me. Believe me it's not as easy as you think. Sometimes, I want to write something but there are no creative juice whatsoever in my brain, so even If I stay awake the whole night, blogsite tells nothing. But when the urge and mood are racing, everything is so in there - reading other blogs, repost them, doing my own blog, releasing my own thoughts, sharing my ideas... and by the time that I finished them, the fulfillment is no doubt right in front of me. :) (

Read 10 Reasons to date an Engineer and you will understand why I recommend that you should marry and Engineer :D

Chocolates are my stress reliever. Chocs make me smile, happy, calm, and back to normal :D I love Ferrero Rocher and Hersheys Kisses. I love Toblerone and Maltesers as well. Nakakasaya ng mood, nakakabata ng feeling. :) I even tried to mixed Kisses in my coffee, maiba lang... Masarap naman hahaha!

Ink is In, remember? :) Although it started eons ago, the art of having a tattoo never fades. But for me, getting ink is a permanent and a major decision to do. Kasi it's going to be permanent, and will be with you forever. Not unless, you have bunch of money, you can have it remove by laser. It is ouchy, but believe me, if you love the design, it's really worth it. :)

One of my biggest dreams is to travel around the world, ang big nya talaga diba? :D Though I've been to several countries, peros a dami ng bansa sa buong mundo, wala pa sa 1/10 ang narating ko na. :) But I am not losing hope. Hindi man lahat ng bansa mapuntahan ko, I am claiming now na makakapag European Tour ako, with my loving husband <3 <3

Yes, I am dreamer basically. I dream beautiful things, beautiful memories with my love ones, I always dream of something beautiful and fascinating. But I never let myself stay in one corner and just dream about these things. God gave us the brain to think and dream, but HE also gave us a Heart to make these dreams come true. You have the power to do this, all you have to do is believe in yourself, and Trust HIM because he will never, ever fail you with the things that you deserve. +_+

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