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Sunday, 22 June 2014

THOUGHTS: New Blessing, New Beginning
For the past 8 yrs, I have been working with Japanese Managers. I started on 13th June 2014 as Quantity Surveyor in Makati City. And from that day onwards, I learned how to work like a Japanese, think like a Japanese, and decide like a Japanese. After 5 years of handling projects in Vietnam, Philippines, Africa and Dubai, I decided to leave SOWA Group of Companies and seek for a greener pasture. I joined one of the biggest main contractors in Japan – Taisei Corporation, and started to make contributions for the New Doha International Airport Project. From Japanese Subcontractors, I joined Japanese Main Contractors, where people are more stringent and workaholic.

But everything has its end. NDIA Project is almost done, and I need something new to continue working and challenge myself more. And so QBC came in from nowhere. Thanks to my former colleague, she submitted my CV to this local company, and voila!  I got a call from HR. The rest is history.

Now I am currently working as Procurement Engineer, extracting my abilities to pour in this Project called Doha Metro – Major Stations. Feel so blessed of this one of a kind opportunity. Thank you Lord, you granted our prayers…