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Thursday, 6 November 2014

INFO: Technological University of the Phils is coming toPSD

The Philippine School Doha through Research Development Accreditation and Publication Office (RDAPO) will be sponsoring a Tie-Up Program with Technological University of the Philippines as regards to the offering of Master of Management (MM) (counterpart of MBA) and Doctor of Management Science (DMS). This will be undertaken here in PSD with TUP Professors personally conducting the pedagogical teaching – learning situation.

The process will be as follows:

We will provide visa, airfare tickets, honorarium, per diem and accommodation to the visiting professors.

One )1) subject will be offered at a time within 5-6 days at 54 hours, thus one (1) professor will come one after another.

Three (3) professors from our school will teach one (1) subject each in the completion of the whole program.

Comprehensive examination, title defense, thesis proposal defense and final defense will all be undertaken in Doha Qatar.

Non-theses is also an option but this would mean an additional 15 units  / 5 subjects for the MM and 18units/6subjects for the DMS. This would also mean an additional expense for the airfare, tickets and accommodation of the professors.

Payment Terms:

Payable in 20 months = 20, 290.00 QAR / student
Down Payment = 2,000.00 QAR
Monthly Fee = 915.00 QAR

Payable in 20 months = 26, 956.00 QAR / student
Down Payment = 2,000.00 QAR
Monthly Fee = 1,248.00 QAR

Above fees are computed for 25 students.

If interested send email to or call +974552-38393