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Sunday, 4 May 2014

FASHION: Wedding Exhibition & Fashion Show 2014

Getting married??? Then here is your chance to learn the latest and innovative ideas, and have a luxurious like wedding of the year.

I actually had an opportunity to attend this kind of event before. Fist was in 2011 in Sharjah UAE and in Doha Qatar last 2012. The latter was actually a part of the preparation for our wedding. in 2013, we also planned to attend in Doha, but sadly, terrible fever blew me down that time :(

Anyhow, since June is the most popular month for weddings (but the reason behind this popularity will make you laugh), and so to continue the tradition of a yearly wedding show in Qatar, on it's way is the:

7th International Wedding Exhibition


Fashion Show Doha (IWED 2014)

Known as one of the region's most prominent wedding exhibition,IWED is a cost-effective means for reaching and directly communicating with thousands of potential customers and business partners. It is an event where exhibitors get the opportunity to promote new products and services, introduce their company's profile and business, reinforce or reposition their brands as well as meet and bond with existing and new business partners and agents. 

According to I <3 Qatar :

IWED 2014, starting with a vast array of couture-inspired dresses in cuts, aims to flatter all women who are fascinated in the world of fashion and trends. During this event, different points of attractions are created to increase the perfection of the show which primarily includes the following:
  • Pampering Area features new beauty tips and ideas to the visitors ensuring a quality service, being able to be advised thru describing and demonstrating full range of looks by the help of professional expert’s knowledge and stylists.
  • Runway shows of different lines and collection in the wedding fashion world
  • Chosen Arabian Gulf arrays  of  latest collection will be one of the top presentation during the event forming an elaborated visual statement along the Gulf Region
  • International top leading wedding designers are to highlight their eminent designs. 
  • Step by step procedures of  hair styles and makeup combinations  Young Designers Competition whereas students of fashion universities/school are deliberately invited to present their bridal creations on the catwalk and the winner is to receive different prices.
Don't worry, because the event is free of entrance, and no need to purchase any ticket, good isn't it!? :) So now I have this feeling that I'm gonna ask my hubby again to attend this event and learn more about weddings, and wedding plannig. After all, I just got my online diploma as a Wedding Planner, yes!

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