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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

PEOPLE: Fanny Serrano's New Muse


Johanna Ismael, aka Kiray Celis may not be one of the prettiest faces among her age in Philippine Showbiz Industry, but having a great compassion, strong character and right confidence, anyone will be mystified with her. Yes. Mystified. And Fanny Serrano is one of them.
Star Magic Ball 2013, wearing her own design

During Star Magic Ball 2013 couple of weeks ago, awards and recognitions were showered to selected members of ABS-CBN Star Magic. Kiray Celis, wearing a Black gown, which she is also the designer (likod pa lang, kabog na lahat) was showered as well - but with negativities and criticisms. Xempre showbiz. Too many bashers. Nagkalat ang mga laiterong froglets. Kaya naman si fairy god mother is right on time!

Beauty maven Fanny Serrano was so pissed off dahil sa mga panglalait kay Kiray during the Ball. Affected ang lola nyo kung kaya to the rescue na ang peg. And together with the professional lensman LJ Suayan, they collaborated their full powers to bring out the beauty of the former child star. At wag ka mother, Mamang Fanny said “no extreme photoshopping please. Just look for the right angle”.
Ibang level, si Mamang ang tumawag sa kanya para irequest ang photoshoot na ito para sa kanyang ilalabas na BEAUTY BOOK. Anung say ng ibang aktres aktresan at basher ni Kiray? +_+ Speechless.

Keri? O Eto na xa:

Ladies and gentlemen, Kiray Celis as "Ang Fashionista." Wonder how Fanny Serrano did it? Well, one of the things he worked on is Kiray's facial shape. "If you will notice, I styled Kiray's hair that will cover the real shape of her face and gave it an additional deceiving look especially the image with a very straight hair,"he said (Photo from Fanny Serrano Facebook)

Here's another Fanny Serrano work: Kiray Celis as "Ang Punkista" The make-up artist clarified that he just contoured the young star's nose, one of her problem areas. "I told him (the photographer) not to photoshop Kiray's nose and just look for an angle na medyo makadaya naman kami kahit kaunti lang," he said on Facebook. (Photo from Fanny Serrano Facebook)

Presenting Kiray Celis' "Ang Senyorita" look. Fanny Serrano said he ordered photogrpaher MJ Suayan not to use photoshop too extreme, and instead look for her best angle. (Photo from Fanny Serrano Facebook)

Kiray Celis is no longer the former "Goin' Bulilit" co-star we used to know. She's already of legal age. And if Fanny Serrano were to ask, she wants to call her "Lady Kiray." (Photo from Fanny Serrano Facebook)

MJ Suayan goes sepia with this Kiray Celis layout Fanny Serrano dubbed as "Ang Ilusyunada."  (Photo from Fanny Serrano Facebook)

Seasoned make-up artist Fanny Serrano does 'magic' as he achieves the "Ang Sosyalera" look of Kiray Celis, or as TF puts it, "the revenge of lady Kiray." (Photo from Fanny Serrano Facebook)

Make-up artist Fanny Serrano transforms Kiray Celis into a "goddess." And voila, the "Ang Diyosa" look. (Photo from Fanny Serrano Facebook)