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Saturday, 9 May 2015

THOUGHTS: Ladies Night, and Everything Nice! :)

Picture this: It’s been a long week, and you’ve had your fill of motherhood and work. Now it is time to relax and unwind with a few of your girlfriends. Call it a Ladies Night Out (or LNO for short) is a wonderful concept and allows for you and your girlfriends to enjoy a night on the town kid- and spouse-free. It’s a great way to bond while having a little fun too. And having an epic Girls Night Out can do wonders for your mood.
So when we decided to have some girlie-girl time with some girlfriends, it was like you wanna sing " I gotta feeling, wooohhooo! that tonight gotta be a good night..." That's how we felt last Thursday Night. It was our first time (and hopefully no the last time!) with the group and everyone's so excited. Plus, Em and Ey are going to celebrate their Natal Day, not to mention an upcoming Mother's DAy on the 10th of May, It's a double celebration, ayt?! And so, we met first at Chizen Restaurant, Oryx Rotana Hotel and the fun quickly began.

After a very delightful dinner, we left Oryx Rotana and went to Horizon Manor Hotel to experience music, drinks and more fun at Krossroads Bar.


An evening full of laughter, food, drinks with these ladies was really great. Especially if you share it with people whose all of you has one common denominator - "Don't ruin my lipstick, or I'll ruin your life!
Gotta go girls! Thank you for the perfect Ladies' Night. And most of all, thankie much to our husbands, boyfriends and kids, you let us do our "Me TIme"
Another tipsy night soon! +_+