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Saturday, 27 April 2013

THOUGHTS: After 3 Years of Hiatus...

Tadaa! Old hand Blogger, New Blogsite...

6 Years ago when I created my first (now defunct) blogsite  called
See, how old school it is – Friendster hehehe. It was on its 4th year when suddenly FS became a gaming network, and I was so surprised that I cannot log in on my account anymore. =( good thing I had all my back ups, pero xempre, even if most of them are delusional (lolz!) I became sad for sometime kasi I cannot recover all comments from my friends.

And now, I feel like got so many thoughts (kahit non sense un iba) that I want to share. So after 3years of Hiatus, there is another new tyro on blogspot – and that’s me! And since I just started blogging (again), I am happy to post my “delusions” one more time. But since there are more than 200 posts, i chose some of my favorites, so this is going to be a “multi-posts.” Just click the link and there you go, or you can go directly to "Recollection" page of my blogsite… Have fun!

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