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Saturday, 27 April 2013

PEOPLE: A Post Birthday Greeting...

I know I know, It’s not kinda, but It’s gonna be a very very very late birthday greeting, but better late than never ayt?! so, before April ends, I am badly needed to greet this one great man I met 7 years ago…
To My former Boss and mentor, Sir Take…

Sir Take, together with the Engineers of SOWA Group

A Blessed and Happy Birthday po. Promise, I’ll make bawi next year hehehe.
Thank you Sir for bringing out the best in all of your employees. You never failed us (kahit hindi na aq SOWA, “us” pa din hehehe) to improve and develop our ideas. May you have more candles to light and blow, more sinigang na hipon to eat, more projects to finish, and more income for Sowa.

Note: His real birthday is April 1, 28 days late lolz!