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Saturday, 27 April 2013

THOUGHTS: It's Effin' rainin' & I'm Lovin' it!

Ey Folks! Yeah missed blogging for couple of months. Been very busy due to this project I involved with. I almost forgot to update this page. Just something popped in my head asking “do you want to continue this blog page of yours, or not?” so here I am. =)
Anyhow, today is Saturday, 1st day of the week for some companies in Qatar. I feel sooo sluggish this morning coz of one good reason – it’s effin’ raining in Doha, brrrrrr!

I remember my childhood days in our province, excited much na kapag dumilim ang sky kasi it’s going be a heavy rain. Me and my cousins will prepare paper boats, mas malaking boat, mas bongga. Just get an old newspaper, do some origami, and whallah! Paper boat is on the way. Ung iba naman, they will make a boat from their old slippers. They’re gonna use walis tingting or BBQ stick as support pole and put plastic, styling it like vintas in Zamboanga, para it will not be easily submerged. But the best part is playing in the rain. =)

That was 25yrs ago. Now, it’s gonna be a lot different. Raining in the Middle East is a sign of its either winter is coming, or summer is on his way. And since today is 27th day of April, expect a full blast of heat from the sun, and be ready with your swimwear, sunglasses and flip-flops!

Okay, enough na with the recollection mode. need to get up and go to office, sigh…

Photo credits: Sir Orlando Uy