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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

PEOPLE: We are Filipinos

While browsing several websites earlier, I was redirected on one website which really made me smile. It was like a voting or survey website wherein members will post their own poll and topic and people who will visit their website are allowed to vote and give their opinion.

Rankopedia is a free website that attempts to rank any and all things that can be ranked. Categories in which rankings are made include Sports, , People and . Among the more popular subcategories are soccer, football, music, movies, political leaders, celebrities, food and travel. It has both English and French language versions.

Rankopedia members create rankings, lists of up to 80 candidates in any topic they choose. The ranking lists also provide columns with supporting information to help voters choose between the candidates. Members can then vote for up to 10 candidates in each ranking, giving each candidate a rank from 1 to 10. The votes are automatically tallied to determine the relative positions of each candidate in the ranking. The rankings themselves can also be rated by members on a scale of 1 to 5.  

According to wikipedia:
Asian people or Asiatic people is a demonym for people from Asia. However, the use of the term varies by country and person, often referring to people from a particular region or subregion of Asia. Though it may be based on residence, it is also often considered a race or an ethnicity. In North America, the term refers most commonly to people of predominantly East Asian and Southeast Asian ancestry; however, in the United Kingdom and Anglophone Africa, the term refers most commonly to South Asians. In other countries, the term is applied in a wider sense to all people from Asia or from a number of its regions. In the United States, however, Middle Eastern and Central Asian people.

Country with the Most Beautiful Women in Asia

And the winner goes to: 

1. PHILIPPINES - Southeast Asia - 59.33%

2. JAPAN - East Asia - 41.63%
3. SOUTH KOREA - East Asia - 36.10%
4. THAILAND - Southeast Asia - 34.34%
5. RUSSIA - North Asia - 29.93%
6. INDIA - South Asia - 24.46%
7. ISRAEL - West Asia - 16.33%
8. MALAYSIA - Southeast Asia - 15.60%
9. CHINA - East Asia - 12.80%
10. INDONESIA - Southeast Asia - 12.77%

The best part is that, when I saw this comment from  alegreelizah:
Natural beauties are found in the Philippines, one must remember that the Philippines is the melting pot of beauty in the world, fabulous mixture of races, simply gorgeous and flawless skins. Rarely go for enhancements or invasive science technology, most are really pure perfect beauties. Go, see the Philippines and be amazed with their God given physical attributes.

Even if it is unofficial online poll, it really made more proud being a Filipino citizen. Ang saya diba. +_+ Ikaw din, you should be proud.

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