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Thursday, 11 July 2013

FACT: Be Aware and Be Careful, Kabayans

10th July 2013 when the Embassy of the Philippines released Circular No CC-58-2013 to remind all Filipinos of the following information:

1. All Expatriated must always bring with them their Qatar Identification CArd (QID's). Failing to do such could warrant a penalty amounting to QAR 10,000.00.
     ***Please see also:

2. Using a private vehicle as a taxi could be punishable with a fine and deportation;

3. Selling items at public places or on the streets without necessary permits is an offense;

4. Sheltering workers who escaped from their sponsors is a crime. Harboring an abscondee could be punishable with an imprisonment of not more than 2 year and a fine of QAR 10,000.00

5. Workers. who escaped from their sponsors, and voluntarily surrender to the Search and Follow UP Dept., will be repatriated after applicable procedures without detention.

This serves as a reminder to all Filipinos in the State of Qatar to abide by the Host Country's laws and regulations to ensure a smooth stay herein.