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Monday, 8 July 2013

LEGAL ISSUE: License to Drive

PHOTO CREDIT: Wilhelm Camarista Jr.

Last night, me and my husband had a great dinner with some of our closest friends (inside and outside SOJV). One of them just passed the driving test couple of weeks back and earned his driving license. He asked me if we are planning to get a driving license, of course I said yes, but not at this moment, since Pardz just started on his new job, and we have ongoing investments and responsibilities in the Philippines.

“Ah Okay, pero Ms. Rai, wag nyo nang patagalin, kasi, Qatar Government will have their new regulation for driving license application.”

Well, I got curious so he explained it briefly.

Qatar Government (Transportation Committee) proposed one controversial idea for expatriates. It was already introduced last week in the form of a circular to all driving schools. Expats WHO are eligible to apply for driving license are the following:
  1. Expats holding a professional visa (accountant visa, engineer’s visa, manager’s visa, and the like)
  2. Expats who have a monthly minimum wage of 5,000.00 QAR (this is already implemented in Kuwait, though I’m not sure if this refers to net or gross income)
  3. Expats holding a Husband’s Visa (if item # 1 is not applicable)
It's Not that I don’t believe him, but I did a little research about this just to add some information, and to support these facts. According to one representative from several driving schools, this proposal makes sense because:
  1. Expats classified as Labourers who often hail from Asian Countries are sometimes unable to read traffic signs in English or Arabic, and it is not possible to have every road sign written in 20 languages.”
  2. This ban also forces companies to get their paper works in order, and not to just bring employees on laborer visa instead of giving them visas parallel to their profession.
Although I found this idea a bit discriminating, I think their main reason is to minimize the traffic since these past few days, accidents are everywhere. Roads are becoming congested due to so many drivers nowadays. But they should not generalize the idea because we are also from Asia, and everyone knows that Filipinos are knowledgeable enough to converse and comprehend English. But we’ll just wait for the next updates to come, maybe they will have some exceptions and will formulate fair judgment. :)
Feel free to post your opinion. @_@

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