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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

THOUGHTS: Live, Love, Laugh in Qatar


Have you seen the movie Click? I believe so. It’s about Michael Newman (played by Adam Sandler), an Architect who acquires Universal remote that enables him to control everything (literally control) by clicking the remote, and fast forward his life and “skip” unpleasant parts of his existence.

People (some, if not all) are like that. We think of fast forwarding the time just to skip the unhappy hours inside the office, problems and oppressions in our lives, sad moments, failures and even mistakes. I think that is human nature. We always try to forget the things that hurt us, give us pain. Because we don’t want to see ourselves in an outright situations. We always want this “hey!-Im-not-a-loser” face. It is possible, but not all the time. Lilitaw at lilitaw talaga sa tao kung ano ang pinagdadaanan mo.

I remember when I first came in Qatar and be a part of Dubai Team for NDIA Project. Culture shock – that’s the first think I felt. Back when I was still in Dubai, I belong to a medium-scale family business. With less than 20 staffs, I was already used to it. I could easily notice who’s on leave, who’s late and who’s leaving. It’s easier to remember everyone’s name.  But the best thing I like is you only have “20 versions” of yourself. SOJV is a lot different. More than 17,000 employees in 2011, nakakalula. Hindi nman kaya ng katawang lupa ko ang magkaroon ng 17,000 replicas. But still, there’s no way out. I need to be different from that day, onwards. 

Total Nos. of Employees as of April 02, 2014

Unang Hirit sa Tag-Init, June 2011

Unang Inuman sa Tahanan, April, 2011
Pers Paalam: Johnapaul ang Marife, June 2011
Our group became popular because we came from one of the most expensive cities in the world, and they tagged us as “Dubai Stone Team.” I met a lot of people here. But of course, you cannot please everybody. I experienced so many things within the first 3 months of my stay. I had a boyfriend back then but he broke up with me 15 days after I came here. Saklap diba. Pero I didn’t dwell on it. I don’t know. Maybe I really knew that it’s going to happen, I just didn’t admit it right away. I dated a guy as well. Merong nanligaw (nax!), may binasted (wow ha!), at may super persistent paulit paulit talaga (ganda ko diba!). It pays off anyway; he’s my loving and super duper supportive husband for more than a year now.
Wedding 2012

My job as a Quantity Surveyor for a joint venture is very challenging. I always push myself to the limit. Plus, I have 3 teroristang amo. Different workloads, same deadlines. I thiiinnnkkk… I got my stress marks from them haahah! But I’ve learned a lot, in fairness to them. Now they’re all gone. From 18 members of Dubai Stone Team, I’m now “the last man standing”… (Wala ba kong premyo?! Achievement kaya to!)
Dubai Ladies

But you know what the downfall of being a girl is? Chismis. Lakas makababae nyan promise. And since I was one of the newest staffs then, I became one of the most favorite blind items. And I am not used to it. Worse, they made stories about me that even myself, I never met the people involved! Makagawa lang ng chismis. Eventually, I became part of SOJV’s everyday life. Madaming tao, madaming kwento. Madaming nangyayari. People come and go.

Not everything is good. Half of those things will have “charge to experience” label. But that’s life. That is how I started my life in Doha 3 years ago. It wasn’t smooth, it wasn’t perfect. But it wasn’t that bad either. I have so many happy memories to treasure as well; and they easily overshadow my gloomy times here in Qatar. And I will never ever wish to have that same universal remote and fast forward my life like what Adam Sandler did in the movie click. Because Life is not just about perfection and happiness. Life is about acceptance with what you had and what you’ve done. Always look at the positive side even if you failed. Just do your best shot, forget a half-baked effort and have fun.


April 02, 2014 marks my third year in Sky Oryx Joint Venture