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Saturday, 26 April 2014

THOUGHTS: Free Movie Night at Four Seasons Hotel

One way to spend you weekend :)

Last Thursday, I was searching online where are we gonna spend our weekend. Are we gonna shop? (wow, palibhasa sweldo har har!) Go to Qatart handmade Market? Hmm this is fine, but considering the weather? Hmm erase. :D what else? Fridate? A Movie date? Yeah, a movie date will be fine.

Sad to say, when we checked the movies, I didn't find any catchy nor interesting movie. So I started to look for other options. Then came Doha Four Seasons Hotel’s “Movie Night”. This one caught my attention so I read the full details. The featured movie catch Me if you Can will be shown on a Jumbo LED screen on April 25 at 8:00 in the evening. Call 4494-8013 and make a reservation since there are limited seats available. And it’s free! Well just buy some popcorn and hotdog sandwich if you want to. And since it is inside the Hotel premise, Beer and wines are allowed, so why not, ayt? After all, Catch Me If you Can is a very good movie. =)

Although I tried the same thing when I was in Dubai, watching free movie in a Jumbo LED screen in Wafi City on your chosen bean bag, a slice of pizza and soda, this time I'm gonna watch a free featured movie together with my hubby. Coz honestly, it feels relaxing and comfy, even if the movie is not the latest one (I've seen this film twice actually). You should also try next time while the weather is still good, since they are doing this at the Garden Terrace.

Opps! Sorry for the messy photos below. +_+

Fridate Movie Date!

Hmmm, Relaxing....
And the movie begins...