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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Pardon me for not having so much blogs these past few weeks. Bunch of papers are keep on visiting my work station. This frustrates me as days pass by. Half of these crap are not originally mine. But, do I have a choice? No, ayt?! so just let it be. :D

Anyhow, speaking of CHOICE', couple of months ago, me and my husband got our first ink. It is actually our choice to have something in common behind our skin. It's a compass-like tattoo with our wedding anniversary on it, and we are so happy about it. It's painful, but we chose a less painful part of the body.

But lately, we want a new tattoo. And we are thinking where would that be, and what design are we going to choose. But before you decide what design you wanna have, it is important to assess yourself first if you really want to have a tattoo. make a decision for yourself and do not let others influence you:

Okay let's assume that you are already decided to get your first ink. The second question - WHERE? This is the right time to check the "map of pain". This diagram shows the level of pain and the 'expressions' that you might say:

Being a tattoo virgin, you should know and understand these things first. Always remember, you will be the one to have a tattoo and have it in your body forever. Choose wisely, what design you wanna have for the rest of your life. Don't forget that it is permanent and not just a henna or sticker tattoo. So while you are thinking, choosing, and researching, let me share with you our nest tattoo, see you soon in an inky world!

My Future Wrist Tattoo - "CROWN, ANCHOR, HEART, CROSS"


My Husband's Future Tattoo - 3D PUZZLE