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Monday, 28 April 2014

FASHION: Hotty Hats in the House!

Where did you get that hat?
Hotty Hats in the House!
Ever since I was a kid, my fascination with hats and caps were so blatant. I remember I stole (opps sorry!) from my aunt her Yankees baseball cap because It looks so cool to wear one. Until today, wearing hat is part of my simple fashion style. Everytime I go out with my friends or with my husband, I always make sure that I accessorize myself with a hat. Even during our prenup photo shoot, I bought 2 hats to as part of my art. :D

So now, just want to share with you some of my caps/hats. Since it's already summer, and hat looks cool and fashionable. And for me, even if I am wearing a simple tops and jeans, but with a hat (probably Fedora Hat), I feel like that i am special and unique. x_x

So far, my Fedora hat from H&M (find it HERE) is my favorite for this season. +_+
I hope you got your favorite hat too!

Pistil Military Hat from Esprit (same HERE) (Dubai UAE)
Bucket Hat from Claire's, (Doha Qatar)

A souvenir bonnet from Ski Dubai, (Dubai UAE)

Bobble Hat from New Yorker (Doha Qatar)
Nude Straw Hat from Splash (Doha, Qatar)

Another (Black) Straw Hat (Doha, Qatar)

Knitted Cap from Oxygen (Hanoi Vietnam & Abu Dhabi, UAE)
Fashionable Baseball Cap from Terranova (Singapore)
Sun Visor Cap from Adidas (Dubai Marina Beach, UAE)
Fisherman's Hat from Kappa (Abu Dhabi UAE & Puerto Galera, Philippines)
Another Fisherman's Hat (Halong Bay, Vietnam)
Nude Fisherman's Hat (Doha Qatar and Camiguin Island Philippines)
Camouflage Bonnet (Dubai, UAE)
Irish Cap from Bench (Hongkong)
Another Irish Cap from H&M (Doha, Qatar)
Maroon Baseball Cap from Quicksilver (Doha, Qatar)
Trilby Hat (Dubai, UAE)

Cowboy Hat (Doha, Qatar)
Cloche Hat (Dubai UAE)
Fedora Hat from H&M (Dubai UAE)