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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

PLACES: MIA Park with MY Pardz
Thanks to our Household Leader, we discovered this very beautiful spot amidst the busy streets of Doha just a month ago, can you believe that? We’ve been here in Qatar for more than 3 years and we just learned this relaxing place just weeks ago.

Well, MIA Park isn’t not hard to find. The only concerns about this is that their entrance gate is at the back of Museum of Islamic Art. And before you reached the Park cafĂ©, you have to walk for at least 10-15minutes. But it’s really worth it once you reached the relaxing area facing the exquisite view of Doha skyline, where you can just sit and unwind on their cozy outdoor sets and hammock, wow I love it so much!

Bringing your own food is not actually allowed, but If just chips and sandwiches will be fine. Just don’t bring the whole kitchen with you. J They have waffles, and variety of sandwiches, pastries, salads, juices, coffee and choco.  So even though I have egg sandwich with me and cut fruits, we also bought hot sandwich, which is actually tastes good, and 2 cups of hot choco. Just a very refreshing night for me and hubby. For sure #babalikakowithyou <3

I checked their website for their park rules and policy. So here are some important info for you to know. Enjoy!