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Monday, 20 October 2014

THOUGHTS: On Taking Photos and Writing Blogs

For some reasons, I “paused” in taking photos for a while. Yes, I do have Nikon D7100 which we bought during its launching in 2013, a nice Manfrotto tripod, lens, and an SB-900 Flash. But try to ask me If I knew everything about Nikko, my answer will be NO.

I used to take photographs. I started in 2010 with my fist Nikon baby D3000. I took Basic Photography Course in Dubai and 5 months after, I moved to Doha to pursue a better, brighter and broader career road. I became (become) one of the Creative Shutters in our company and a Light Catcher Member. But then, I suddenly stopped. Didn’t have much time to take photos? Too much workload? Busy with the wedding preparations? Or maybe I wanted to concentrate then being a homemaker? I exactly don’t know. So I got married, and live a simple but very exceptional life with my better half.

Bit out of nowhere, I suddenly remembered, “oh yeah! I had a blogsite before, why not try again?” and everything became a history.

Now I am enjoying writing blogs, reblog some articles, and reading blogs. Now I am just a self-motivated Occasional Blogger who continuously exploring. Writing is my way of releasing negative energies. But I want to give myself a second chance in taking good memories,  I know for sure will regain my composure, grab my camera and take a shot once again.

I don’t wanna choose between the two, because I’d love to have a love affair with both of them. J